China places experimental communications satellite in orbit
China's launches first plate-shaped satellite
China launches carrier rocket for satellite installation
Major Space Projects
In national major projects including manned spaceflights, lunar exploration,the BeiDou navigation satellite system and deep space exploration,with professional and technical advantages, CASIC provides plenty of stand-alone products, components, and basic parts, represented by space rendezvous and docking microwave measurement radar, urine treatment subsystem,Y shutdown ...
Commercial Aerospace Industry
CASIC has been actively promoting the development of the commercial aerospace. It has built a complete independent R&D and production system of the aerospace industry covering launch vehicles, satellite platforms, payloads,satellite test and operation control, and space information applications, establishing an independent and innovative development path. ...
Industrial Internet Industry
Guided by the supply-side structural reform and the integrated development of the Internet and manufacturing industry, CASIC built INDICS,China's first national cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet public service platform with cloud manufacturing as its feature, forming an industrial Internet platform system, serving the government’s digital governance and enabling enterprises ...
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  • Information Technology Industry
  • Equipment Manufacture
  • Modern Service Industry
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited CASIC is the backbone of China's aerospace industry, the main force in the construction of a space power and the development of defense weapons and equipment, and a leading enterprise in informatization development of Chinese industries.