Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement

This privacy policy applies to the users of CASIC’s websites and various services provided by the website. We solemnly promise to respect and protect your privacy. Without your permission, we will not release any of your personal data unless required by relevant laws or legal procedures. We will regularly check our privacy protection measures and update our technologies and management measures by following the development trend of safety technologies.

1. You need to provide us with necessary personal data usually including names, genders, addresses, phone numbers and e-mails to use the complaint, consultancy, e-mail subscription and other services on our website. Your information and relevant needs will be subject to the privacy management of CASIC.


2. We will protect your privacy by technical and management means.  If you provide any sensitive information for us, we will take reasonable steps to protect it, as we will for any personal information already stored with reasonable safety measures. We will strictly manage and protect any data you provided, and will use corresponding technologies to prevent any loss, theft or alteration of your personal data.


3. We may sometimes use cookies to know which columns are well-received so that we can provide better services for users visiting our website.  Cookies will not track personal information. They may be used when you register on our website. In this case, the website will store useful information and identify you when you visit our website again, so as to provide interesting information or save passwords for you saving you the trouble of entering the passwords each time you visit specific column of our website.


4. CASIC will strictly protect your privacy and promise not to disclose any of your personal information without your permission.  However, we may go back on this promise and release your relevant information in the following situations including but not limited to:

(1) What you did on our website has breached the Measures for Security Protection Administration of the International Networking of Computer Information Networks, the Administrative Measures on Internet Information Services, the Provisions on the Administration of Internet Electronic Bulletin Services and the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Preserving Computer Network Security or may possibly harm or hinder the interests of other netizens or incur losses to other people, and disclosing your personal data is necessary for identifying, contacting or taking legal actions.

(2) The personal information is what must be disclosed or published according to relevant laws and regulations.

(3) We are required by judiciary authorities or other authorized organizations to release specific personal data for their performing relevant duties according to laws.


5. CASIC has taken sound technical measures to keep user’s information intact and private. However, due to force majeure or computer virus infection, hacker attack or other special external attack, user’s information may be damaged or disclosed, causing losses to users. In this case, CASIC shall not assume any legal responsibility, but will take necessary measures to reduce your losses to the greatest extent.


6. Anytime you think that CASIC has failed to follow this policy, please send an e-mail to to let us know. We will make every effort and take corresponding measures for improvement.
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