Introduction of CASIC

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China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) is a large state-owned hi-tech military company which is under the direct administration of the central government. Established as the Fifth Academy of the Ministry of Defense, CASIC has a history of growth with the names of the Ministry of the Seventh Machinery Industry, Ministry of Aerospace Industry, Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Industry, China Aerospace Corporation, and China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.


Upholding the corporate mission of “technology strengthens the army, aerospace serves the country”, and adhering to the corporate core value of “rank national interests above all”, CASIC devotes itself to a strategic industry relating to national security. As one of the main forces in the development of China’s aerospace industry, CASIC makes great efforts in developing aerospace defense technologies and application. CASIC takes the lead in the overall level of missile weapon equipment in China, and some of its technologies have reached theinternational advanced level, which has greatly increased China’s national defense strength. CASIC makes substantial progress in its commercial aerospace projects, namely Feiyun (F-Cloud), Kuaiyun (K-Cloud), Xingyun (X-Cloud), Hongyun (H-Cloud), Tengyun (T-Cloud) and T-Flight (Supersonic Train System). Besides, CASIC has made outstanding contributions to many major national projects such as manned spacefl ight and lunar exploration.


Keeping in mind the concept of “generalized defense and extensive security”, CASIC sticks to the civil-military integration strategy with Chinese characteristics. CASIC has self-developed a large number of high-tech products to fill the gap in China, including the small slow low-altitude target detection and interception system, the intelligent taxation system, high power lasers, and emergency rescue and support equipment; it has made breakthroughs in large-scale integrated application of the new generation of self-controlled information technology, to get rid of China’s dependence on foreign products and lay a solid foundation for maintaining China’s network information security; it exerts itself to build the world's first batch and China's first industrial Internet cloud system (INDICS) platform, providing China's manufacturing industry with public services concerning intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing, and accelerating the construction of the cloud manufacturing ecology featured by “combination of manufacturing and service, online and offl ine, and innovation and entrepreneurship”.


In recent years, CASIC has been seeking persistent and concentrated efforts in construction and development, and sticking to legitimate business operation and corporation management, leading to greatly improved capacity for innovation, as well as continuous, steady and sound economic achievement. CASIC has ranked Class A in the operation and performance assessment for leaders of central enterprises by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) for 10 consecutive years, and been honored “Awards for Enterprises with Outstanding Performance” and “Awards for Enterprises with Technical Innovation”, both for three terms of office. CASIC is also a multiple awards winner of National Award for Science and Technology Progress, including fi ve special ones. In 2017, CASIC ranks the 355th among the Fortune 500 in the world, and the 80th among the Top 500 Enterprises in China and the 27th among the Top 500 Manufacturers in China. It also become for the fi rst time one of the Top 500 Brands with the Greatest Value in China with a rank of 46th.


Standing on the new starting point in history, CASIC will take active action to serve the national strategy, national defense construction, as well as national economy and people's livelihood,striding and forging ahead to become an international top-class aerospace defense enterprise.



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