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Stay committed to opening up and connectivity, expand the potential of development for our partners.

Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, share the development opportunities brought forth by the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

Specialty, excellence, innovation and amity.

These are the core values that define CASIC.


Brief Introduction to China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC)

CASIC is a strategic, high-tech, innovative, state-owned enterprise with strong technical foundation and innovation capability. As one of the world’s top 500 companies and among the top 100 global defense companies, CASIC is the backbone of space industry of China, and a leader in the development of China’s industrial informatization.

CASIC owns 19 national key laboratories or engineering technology centers, and 28 science & technology innovation platforms; it has the first invention patent and the first utility model patent of China; it owns 22 subsidiary units and holds shares of 8 listed companies, with about 500 enterprises & institutions, and nearly 150,000 employees; it has enterprises or offices in many countries and regions in the world, covering Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

With “informatization, socialization, marketization and internationalization” as its guidance, and “specialty, excellence, innovation and amity” as its brand motto, CASIC is oriented to the global market, deeply committed to five major industries, i.e. defense equipment, aerospace industry, information technology, equipment manufacturing and modern service industry, aiming at building it into a world-class aerospace defense corporation.

Defense Equipment Industry

Actively implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, CASIC provides highly competitive defense products and complete system solutions for the international market in five major fields, namely air defense, sea defense, ground strike, unmanned combat, and information & electronic countermeasures, and has established cooperative relations with over 60 countries and regions in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, contributing to the maintenance of regional stability and world peace. Its high-end equipment represented by HQ-9BE, YJ-12E, C802A, BP-12A, and QW has become star products in the international market.

Aerospace Industry

CASIC has established an independent development and production system for the aerospace industries such as solid launch rockets and space technology products. Dozens of technical products developed by CASIC have supported the launch of “Shenzhou”, docking of “Tiangong”, lunar exploration of “Chang’e”, networking of “Beidou”, Mars exploration of “Tianwen” and construction of “space station”, reliably guaranteeing the successful completion of a series of major national aerospace tasks.

Using the “Kuaizhou” solid launch rocket made with original satellite-rocket integration technique, CASIC has successfully completed many commercial launches; in its commercial aerospace projects “Xingyun” and “Hongyun” that break through the traditional technology mode, CASIC has successfully launched the first satellite of “Hongyun” and the double satellites of “Xingyun” and completed related technical verification, opening a new chapter in the construction and application of China’s satellite Internet constellation and space-based Internet of Things (IoT) constellation.

Information Technology Industry

Based on the application demands of government, industry and enterprises, and putting emphasis on new-generation information technology innovation, involving cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI), CASIC has created a general platform for smart industries, built and gradually perfected the technology system, product system and standard system of smart industry. Taking knowledge, innovation and data as its core production factors, CASIC has developed many systems and software/hardware products, such as safe city and exit-entry management system, providing “Aerospace Intelligence” solutions for users in global market.

Equipment Manufacturing Industry

CASIC has made constant efforts to upgrade the traditional equipment to “digitization, networking, intellectualization and cloudification”. It has successfully developed emergency equipment for public health safety, laser equipment, energy equipment, heavy industry equipment, environmental protection equipment, automobile electronics, industrial basic parts and other advanced products, and many of them, with world-leading technical performance, have become bestsellers in the international market.

Modern Service Industry

Complying with the development requirements of the information age, CASIC has created a public service platform for industrial Internet, namely “CASICloud”, in order to promote the implementation of the ecosystem of cloud manufacturing industry cluster, and provide global manufacturing enterprises with public services of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing. CASIC actively promotes output of international engineering, engineering design, metrological verification and other featured capabilities and standards, gaining good social and economic benefits.

Internationalization Development

CASIC actively deepens international cooperation, and continuously expands opening up and its "circle of friends" of international cooperation. It has successfully implemented a number of key projects for international business in countries and regions along the route of “Belt and Road”, promoting the high-quality development of “Belt and Road”. Its land rigs, high-power automatic hydraulic transmission and other products, with increasingly improved competitiveness in the international market, have increasingly larger shares. Its exit-entry management system won the international bidding, contributing to China’s further opening up to the outside world. The Kenya Power Transmission Project implemented with innovative business model has effectively improved the quality of life of the people in relevant areas of Kenya. The cooperation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet has entered the framework of cooperation between the governments of China and Germany, furthering the opening up and cooperation.

CASIC participated in a number of top international exhibitions, displays and communications, such as China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Zhuhai Air Show, Hannover Messe, Farnborough International Airshow, Paris Air Show,  International Astronautical Congress(IAC) and ARMY Russia, to promote and showcase its products in multiple fields, including defense equipment, aerospace industry, equipment manufacturing, industrial Internet, and intelligent manufacturing, and promote international cooperation.

CASIC is making new advances in win-win cooperation. By inviting heads of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and other countries to visit and exchange information, it promotes deep cooperation between the two parties.

CASIC plays a key role in the Council on Science and Innovations of the Chinese-Russian Committee of Friendship, Peace and Development and the Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation Commission (GNFCC) of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, aiming at promoting opening up, cooperation and communication; CASIC actively participates in international organizations such as International Academy of Astronautics, International Astronautical Federation and Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, so as to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning, and improve the cooperation level.

Facing the future, CASIC will firmly aim at “building CASIC into a world-class aerospace defense corporation”, continuously uphold the vision of “opening up and connectivity to achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcome”, and further improve collaborative development with partners in different countries to create a better tomorrow together!

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