Introduction of CASIC Leaders Development Strategy Organizational Structure

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Stay committed to opening up and connectivity, expand the potential of development for our partners.

Achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, share the development opportunities brought forth by the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

Specialty, excellence, innovation and amity.

These are the core values that define CASIC.

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) is the backbone of China's aerospace industry, the main force in the construction of a space power and the development of defense weapons and equipment, and a leading enterprise in informatization development of Chinese industries. CASIC is currentl composed of the headquarters, 7 academies, 15 wholly-owned or holding companies and more than 470 enterprises and institutions,including7 listed companies.CASIC is mainly engaged in five business sectors, including defense equipment industry, aerospace industry,information technology industry, equipment manufacture industry and modern service industry with strong core competitiveness and social influence. In2020,CASIC ranks the 341th among the Fortune 500 in the world,and takes a forefront place among the top 100 global defense enterprises.


CASIC takes "empowering the military" as its first duty and "building China into a space power" as its owr responsibility.With years of hard efforts,CASIC has established a complete technology development, research and manufacturing system for air-defense missile weapon systems, cruise missile weapon systems, ballistic missile weapon systems,solid carrier rockets and space technology productsthe overalllevel of which is in the domestic leading position,and part of the professional technology has reached the international advanced level,making outstanding contributions to the modernization of weapons and equipment of China.Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket series have been successfully launched for commercial use. CASIC took the lead in R&D and application of space-based Internet and space-based Internet of Things.Technology verification satellites of the low orbit space-based Internet project and the Xingyun project have been launched successfully and on-orbit tests have been carried out. In addition,CASIC has successfully finished many missions related to major national space projects such as manned spaceflight,BeiDou navigation, lunar exploration and Mars exploration.


While focusing on strengthening,optimizing and expanding its defense equipment industry and accelerating the formation of differentiated development advantages in its aerospace industry,CASIC has actively explored the fields of information technology, equipment manufacture and modern service industry, cultivated strategic emerging industries,and formed a series of products and projects with market competitiveness.It strives to build an industrial Internet platform and its ecosystem with independent intellectual property rights to provide global manufacturing enterprises with intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing services. To meet the application needs of the government, industry communities and enterprises, CASIC constructs a smart system platform, and creates various professional applications to facilitate the strategic adjustment of the national economic structure. Production of high power lasers, heavy equipment series and special equipment is available in China.


Standing at a new starting point,CASIC will continue to stick to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Upholding the corporate mission of"empower the military with science and technology, serve the nation through aerospace industry" and directed by "informatization,socialization, marketization,and internationalization" CASIC will focus on technological innovation,business model innovation, and management innovation to improve its industrial basic capacity and industrial chain modernization level of its five major business sectors including defense equipment industry,aerospace industry,information technology industry, equipment manufacture industry and modern service industry. While implementing the overall requirements of major national development strategies, CASIC will carry out in depth the strategies of innovation-driven development, winning by qualitystrengthening the enterprise with talents, and digital aerospace.CASIC will continuously enhance its competitiveness,innovation capacity, as well as control influence and anti-risk capabilities,striving to completely become a world- class aerospace and defense company.