40 Years of Aerospace Industry Achieved Fruitful Results


A world-class professional airshow will be held in Zhuhai (a Garden City near the South China Sea) every two years in November. On the occasion, aerospace enterprises from all over the world will gather together, and various high-tech exhibits will compete, causing a stir among aerophiles at the event.

In 1996, China Aerospace Corporation attended the airshow, and the mystery of China's aerospace industry has been unveiled for the first time. In 2018, CASIC attended the airshow with seven equipment systems (its exhibits with the largest scale, compared with those in previous years). CASIC has never been absent from the Zhuhai Airshow, and visitors are deeply impressed by our exhibits.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up. In the past 40 years, China's aerospace industry has achieved remarkable achievements. The 11 outstanding performances of CASIC at the Zhuhai Airshow demonstrated every breakthrough and leap in the process of development of China's aerospace industry, and have become an important historical witness of the great practice of reform and opening-up.

Gao Hongwei, the Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of CASIC, stated that, during the new round of reform and opening-up, CASIC will follow the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era of President Xi Jinping, and will be determined to serve the national strategy, national defense construction as well as national economy and the people's livelihood; CASIC will perform not only its sacred mission as a military enterprise in making a contribution to forging the national defense foundation and aerospace power, but also its lofty mission as a state-owned enterprise in promoting the development of national economy.

Demonstrating the shift from single-model equipment to systemized and serialized development capabilities

As the leading force in the development of China's aerospace industry and missile industry, CASIC has always adhered to "empowering the army with science and technology and serving the nation with aerospace technology”, as well as the development path of independent innovation, has successively won the first place in the development history of China's national defense weapons and equipment, has established a relatively complete equipment research and production system, has initially realized the transformation from the development of single-model missile weapons to the systematic and serialized development, and has laid a solid foundation for strengthening China's national defense strength and safeguarding national security.

At the airshows in Zhuhai before 2004, CASIC mainly exhibited its missile weapon system composed of three existing missiles (air defense missiles, ground-to-ground missiles, and coastal defense missiles). Until the 6th Zhuhai Airshow in 2006, with the continuous expansion of the missile family, CASIC put forward the “Concept of China Missile Defense System” for the first time, involving nearly 20 missile exhibits of three series (namely, air defense, air-to-ground strike and coastal defense), including the new-generation P12 ground-to-ground tactical missile, KS-1A (mid-high-attitude medium-range air defense missile weapon system) and FM-90 air defense missile weapon systems.

Once the concept was revealed, a stir was caused among media; this concept conveyed the development idea of the systematization of China's missile weapon system.

Since then, CASIC has attended the airshow with a more open attitude. In 2010, as a "new force" of China's national defense equipment system, CASIC refreshed the record in respect of the exhibition scale of missile weapons and equipment, and first launched an unmanned combat system. Four UAV products were exhibited, and were in parallel with the three major systems, i.e., air defense system, air-to-ground strike system and coastal defense system. Thus, the "Concept of China Missile Defense System” was interpreted in a more specific and comprehensive manner.

At the 2012/2014 Zhuhai Airshow, CASIC once again made a breakthrough at the aspect of the “Concept of China Missile Defense System”, and launched the "Simulation Demonstration System for Defense Confrontation System" to visually demonstrate the intense contest between the red team and the blue team in the form of dynamic simulation. Missile weapons were exhibited at the airshow in the form of dynamic and systematic joint operations. Our exhibition attracted a lot of visitors. CASIC exhibited the "star missile", i.e., FD-2000 missile weapon system. This equipment marks China possesses the long-range air defense technologies and capabilities.

At this year's Zhuhai Airshow, CASIC’s exhibits featured with the largest scale, compared with those in previous years. CASIC comprehensively demonstrated its development achievements in the construction of the equipment technology innovation and development & production system. Seven major equipment systems and their main products were exhibited at the airshow to demonstrate the technical strength and innovation capability of CASIC. Hou Xiufeng, the Secretary of the Board of Directors of CASIC and the Press Secretary, said that CASIC always regards the development of the aerospace defense equipment industry as the top priority, comprehensively promotes the construction of the model-driven, data-driven and process-driven digital research and production system, as well as the transformation of model development to virtual and collaborative design, virtual verification and digital management, and further improves the systemization, intelligentization and quality reliability of weapons and equipment.

Demonstration of hard power and the spreading of the essence of the concept

At the previous airshows, CASIC mainly exhibited the high-tech products of the three major sectors, i.e., missile weapons, aerospace products and civilian products, to demonstrate its high-tech strength. However, the value of an enterprise is not only reflected in its technical strength, but also in its development concepts and strategic goals.

At the Zhuhai Airshow in 2006, the slogan of “secure peace with aerospace technology” was placed in the most conspicuous position of the exhibition area of CASIC to novelly and vividly demonstrate its social responsibility values of being committed to the national defense modernization, as well as preservation of peace and benefiting the human kind to the media and the visitors, so as to thoroughly show its strength and corporate image.

After years of development, CASIC earnestly fulfilled the solemn commitment of “secure peace with aerospace technology”, and made great strides toward the development goal with practical actions and achievements. Since 2007, CASIC has ranked A for 11 consecutive years in the assessment for operating performance of heads of central enterprises published by SASAC, won the “Award for Enterprise with Excellent Performance” and the “Award for Enterprise with Scientific and Technological Innovation” for 3 consecutive terms, and ranked 346th in the list of Fortune Global 500 in 2018. CASIC, as a single R&D and manufacturing organization, won 5 Special Prizes in the National Award for Science and Technology Progress and multiple National Awards for Science and Technology Progress. KZ-1A launch vehicle successfully completed two commercial launching missions. The Kaituozhe launch vehicle successfully launched the Tiankun-1 satellite. The “Five Clouds and One Train” project for commercial aerospace proceeded smoothly. The construction of commercial space flight-oriented Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base commenced...

At this year's Zhuhai Airshow, CASIC’s theme of “building a universal offensive and defensive equipment system, leading the development of commercial aerospace and sharing cooperation opportunities created by the Road and the Belt Initiative” once again embodied CASIC’s vision of seeking broader and deeper international cooperation with its counterparts around the world, working together to develop aerospace technologies and benefiting the human kind. Gao stated that CASIC will thoroughly implement the high-quality development requirements, create more steering-based development projects that are driven by innovation and make every effort to promote the development plan of “Two Targets and Four Steps”.

From "the state’s defender" to the "people's defender”

At the same time, based on the previous airshows in Zhuhai, we can know that CASIC not only shoulder the mission of empowering the army with science and technology, but also bear the responsibility of serving the nation with aerospace technology. Since the exhibition of the Aerospace Golden Card at the airshow in 1998, the high-tech civilian products transformed by aerospace technologies have successively debuted at airshows, making people know other industry fields of CASIC beyond the aerospace defense industry.

In 2008, CASIC made the “generalized defense” strategy gain fame and success at the airshow, demonstrating its intense patriotism for serving the development of national economy. At the Zhuhai Airshow in 2010, CASIC introduced the development concept of “generalized defense and extensive security” based on the aerospace defense industry, the information technology industry and the equipment manufacturing industry, demonstrating its determination to adhere to the development path of military-civilian integration.

Under the guidance of the development concept of “generalized defense and extensive security”, CASIC regards the aspirations of the people to live a better life as the focus of our efforts. With the technical advantages in the professional fields, CASIC has made a series of groundbreaking breakthroughs in information technology and information security, as well as high-end equipment manufacturing, research and development, and has promoted the technological advancement of the industry and has also created good economic and social benefits.

Based on breaking through the "ceiling" of traditional aerospace technologies and development modes, CASIC has achieved phased results in key projects of commercial aerospace, and has possessed the capacities in providing commercial launch services, commercial satellites development and spatial information applications. CASIC carried out the pilot projects concerning the localized information system and its application in the field of information security, and the performance test of the all-in-one machine of the Kunlun database for aerospace was ranked among the top in the world. CASIC built the first industrial Internet platform - CASICloud in China to provide generically free services and individual value-added services for more than 2 million all-kinds-of enterprises to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry towards intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing. CASIC has undertaken the “Golden Tax, Golden Card, Golden Shield, and Macroeconomics System” projects to serve the development of national economy and the national economy security with the advantages of aerospace system projects. The capabilities of China's equipment manufacturing industry have been improved with a series of heavy and special equipment products.

Facing the future, Gao said that CASIC will actively implement the “Belt and Road” Initiative, adhere to the concept of “information exchange, resource sharing, capacity coordination, opening up and cooperation, as well as mutual benefit and win-win result”, promote users at home and abroad to share the rapid development achievements of China's aerospace technology in a more convenient manner, seek broader and deeper international communication and cooperation in the aerospace field in a more active and open manner, and provide aerospace forces for realizing the vision of peaceful use of space and the establishment of a community of shared future.


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