CASIC's New-generation Universal Offensive and Defensive Equipment System Unveiled at the Zhuhai Airshow


On November 6, the 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Zhuhai Airshow) kicked off. China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) attended the airshow with more than 90 exhibition items of seven equipment systems (i.e., air defense system, coastal defense system, air-to-ground strike system, unmanned combat system, early warning surveillance security system, commercial aerospace system as well as command communication and assistance support system) to comprehensively demonstrate its development achievements in the construction of the offensive and defensive equipment system, and to thoroughly explain the theme of “building a universal offensive and defensive equipment system, leading the development of commercial aerospace and sharing cooperation opportunities created by the Road and the Belt Initiative”. Gao Hongwei, the Secretary of Party Committee and the Chairman of CASIC, attended the opening ceremony.

At this year's airshow, CASIC’s exhibits featured with the largest scale, compared with those in previous years. The total area of the exhibition area was 5,400 m2. More than 40 types of equipment made their debuts at the airshow. Major technical equipment of China as a manufacturing power debuted at the airshow, including the simulated exhibition platform of high-speed flying train, FM-2000 (short-range air defense missile weapon system) and LW-30 laser defense weapon system. In the outdoor exhibition space with an area of 2,000 m2 established for the first time, the radar equipment and command communication & assistance support equipment were exhibited in a systematical manner. The innovative exhibition modes including interaction, VR experience and dynamic presentations improved the visit experience.

On the first day of the airshow, a lot of guests visited the exhibition hall of CASIC. Gao Hongwei and Li Yue introduced CASIC’s exhibits to them.

New system: the universal offensive and defensive equipment system made its debut

The universal offensive and defensive equipment system consists of seven equipment systems, i.e., air defense system, coastal defense system, air-to-ground strike system, unmanned combat system, early warning surveillance security system, commercial aerospace system as well as command communication and assistance support system. The star products of each system were all unveiled at this year's airshow. In the air defense system, the FL-2000C short-range air defense missile weapon system is an advanced terminal air defense missile weapon system, mainly used for field air defense and air defense for strategic points, being capable of independent single unit operation, featuring with strong maneuverability and strong anti-interference ability. QW-12, the portable air defense missile weapon system, is a new type of individual air defense combat weapon, provided with the advanced mid-infrared two-band multi-detection guidance technology, mainly used for field air defense, featuring with strong detection ability, strong resistance to high-intensity interference and strong capabilities in damaging small targets. The KS-1C ground-to-air missile weapon system is an all-weather mid-high-attitude medium-range air defense weapon system for strategic points, being capable of intercepting today's major air strike weapons.

The coastal defense system demonstrated a complete defense system for the sea, providing a complete and flexible overall solution for building coastal fortifications. The CM-302 multi-platform supersonic missile weapon system has high-low-altitude and whole-range low-altitude trajectories, equipped with whole-range supersonic missiles, featuring with strong penetration capability, high lethality and high accuracy. The CM-802B anti-ship missile weapon system is a multi-platform and multi-purpose missile, being capable of launching in an inclined or vertical manner, and applicable to various platforms such as launch vehicles, ships and airplanes for striking marine targets or targets on land.

In the air-to-ground strike system, the BP-12B missile weapon system is a long-range high-precision multi-function strike weapon with long range, high precision, strong anti-interference ability and strong penetration capability, used for striking fixed targets and slow-moving targets. The AG-300 multi-purpose air-to-ground missiles can be mounted on various combat platforms such as drones, helicopters and fighter aircrafts, featuring with strong maneuverability, long range and many types of targets, used for striking fixed targets and moving targets, as well as integrated scouting and strike. The CM-501GA multi-purpose tactical precision-strike missile weapon system is capable of integrated information operations, unmanned autonomous operations, rapid response to dynamic deployment, being mounted on various platforms and all-terrain operations.

As a flexible and efficient representative of unmanned systems, the WJ-500 multi-purpose high-speed UAV system is fast and has strong penetration capability. As a reconnaissance platform, WJ-500 can carry various task devices such as photoelectric reconnaissance devices and synthetic aperture radars to perform regional reconnaissance, target indication and lethality evaluation, can be provided with WJ-100 drones with different loads according to user requirements, and can be used for aerial reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance, geological exploration and disaster monitoring.

At this year's airshow, CASIC thoroughly demonstrated the technical strength, innovation capability and development philosophy of itself as a professional development and production organization for full range of missile weapons and equipment in China by means of a more comprehensive offensive and defensive equipment system.

New equipment: 40 types of equipment debuted at the airshow

Many types of equipment of CASIC debuted at the airshow, which comprehensively demonstrated the development process of weapon technology innovation and upgrading in China.

FM-2000, the short-range air defense missile weapon system, made its debut at the airshow. It can provide the adjoint air defense support for mechanized forces, undertake the air defense missions for strategic points, and effectively intercept various fixed-wing aircrafts and armed helicopters, is capable of on-the-move operations, and features with strong maneuverability, multi-target interception and strong anti-interference ability. The LW-30 laser defense weapon system is a short-range precise interception weapon, capable of striking photoelectric guidance equipment, drones, aircraft models and RAM, featuring with high precision, low collateral damage, strong maneuverability, fast response, low cost of use and strong sustainability. In the unmanned combat system, the WJ-700 high-altitude high-speed scouting and strike UAV system which made its debut at the airshow features with the wheeled self-propelled take-off and landing, can carry a variety of mission devices and onboard weapons, and is capable of air-to-surface (sea/land) reconnaissance, surveillance, early warning, striking long-range anti-ship missiles and anti-radiation missiles, precise air-to-ground strike outside the defense area as well as electronic reconnaissance and interference.

New platform: the outdoor exhibition space provided the new exhibition window

Compared with the previous airshows, in the outdoor exhibition space with an area of 2,000m2 established by CASIC, the radar equipment and command communication & assistance support equipment were exhibited in a systematical manner for the first time at this year’s airshow.

In the outdoor exhibition space, the LD-2/JCL100 low-altitude surveillance radar exhibited by CASIC is mainly used to detect air targets such as low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude fighter aircrafts. It can be used as a low-altitude blind area coverage radar for air defense weapon systems, or as a low-altitude warning radar for territory surveillance, shoreline surveillance, and important target protection. The field emergency ambulance which debuted at the airshow can carry 2 lying wounded persons, or 1 lying wounded person and 3 sitting wounded persons, or 6 sitting wounded persons, is equipped with first-aid apparatuses such as defibrillation monitors, medical ventilators, aspirators, infusion supports, stretchers and medicine cabinets and is ready for implementing various types of first aid.

New experience: innovative exhibition modes improved the visit experience

In terms of the exhibition modes, CASIC provided new exhibition methods and carried out interaction activities such as simulated exhibition, interaction, VR experience and onboard visit based on the static and video exhibition in the past to improve the exhibition effect and visit experience. CASIC exhibited the simulation model of the high-speed flying train for the first time. The operation status of the high-speed flying train such as start-up, acceleration, turning and braking was demonstrated via the multi-degree-of-freedom platform control technology, visual simulation technology and multimedia digital display technology. At the same time, the visitors can carry out the interaction activities such as operating the costal defense command and control system, VR experience of the anti-UAV system and onboard visit of integrated support vehicles, field emergency ambulances and operating rooms to experience the work scene of the assistance support forces.

Facing the future, Gao said that CASIC will thoroughly act upon the high-quality development requirements, actively implement the “Belt and Road” Initiative, adhere to the concept of “information exchange, resource sharing, capacity coordination, opening up and cooperation, as well as mutual benefit and win-win result”, promote users at home and abroad to share the rapid development achievements of China's aerospace technology in a more convenient manner, seek broader and deeper international communication and cooperation in the aerospace field in a more active and open manner, and provide aerospace forces for realizing the vision of peaceful use of space and the establishment of a community of shared future.

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