CASIC’s over 20 Technical Products Guaranteeing the Precise Orbit Injection of Chang’e 4


At 2:23 on December 8, China successfully launched the Chang’e 4 lunar probe by the LM-3B launch vehicle at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. In subsequent stages, Chang’e 4 will realize the first soft landing on the far side of the moon in the history of mankind to conduct the in-position detection and patrol detection on the far side of the moon and start a new journey for the lunar exploration project of China.

After successfully guaranteeing the various missions of the manned space flight project, CASIC once again made contribution to starting a new journey of peaceful development and utilization of space, and more than 20 technical products from 12 organizations of CASIC provided entire-process supports for realizing the goals of all phases of Chang’e 4.

In the launch phase of Chang’e 4, the technical products of CASIC once again played a prominent role.

The ground-based TM & TC equipment of the launch vehicle system developed by Aerospace System Corporation of CASIC was a long-distance test, launch and control system designed for the launch center. The equipment adopted the advanced TM & TC technology, and the real-time fault monitoring and warning technology, and featured with good compatibility, high precision, high speed and high reliability, providing an important guarantee for the maintenance and successful launch of the launch vehicle.

The crystal components with high precision and high reliability developed by the Second Academy of CASIC shouldered the task of creating a stable "heart" for Chang’e 4. A person needs a healthy heart, and so does the "Chang’e 4" satellite. The crystal components provided the time-frequency core for "Chang’e 4", generating a stable frequency signal like the human pulse and transmitting it to all parts of the electronic system to ensure the accurate operation of all parts of the system.

The Tenth Academy of CASIC provided 7 zinc-silver batteries in 6 categories for the LM-3B launch vehicle to supply power to the control system, measurement system and security system, ensuring the normal flight of the launch vehicle.

CASIC’s technical products will continue to play an important role in the subsequent lunar landing, patrol and survey phases.

(Reported by Ke Xuan; Photographed by CCTV News

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