The First Alliance for Space-based Internet of Things Was Established


On December 26, China’s first “Alliance for Space-based Internet of Things” (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance) was established in the low-orbit narrow-band commercial communication satellite industry.

The Alliance is initiated by Aerospace Xingyun Technology Co., Ltd. under CASIC Sanjiang Group (hereinafter referred to as “Xingyun Company”). Up to now, 146 units from 6 fields related to commercial satellite, namely scientific research, manufacturing, operation, service, application and financing across the country have joined the Alliance.

The Alliance takes “gathering the resources of aerospace industry to connect everything together” as its prospect. It builds up an ecosystem covering the whole development process of space-based Internet of Things with four chains of the industry, namely the value chain, enterprise chain, supply chain and space chain. The Alliance offers its members assistance in technical support, product mating and operation, application promotion, project capital negotiation and all-media-channel publicity.

Leaders from National Earthquake Response Support Service, CASIC, Office of Military-Civilian Integration Development Committee of CPC Hubei Provincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, Wuhan Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Wuhan Science & Technology Bureau, Wuhan Development and Reform Commission and Xinzhou Science and Information Bureau came to the opening ceremony of the Alliance and extended their congratulations.

After the ceremony, seven entities signed strategic cooperation contracts with Xingyun Company. The Alliance will make full use of the strong points of its members to promote the application of space-based Internet of Things in various industries.

The Articles of Association of the Alliance, the list of vice executive president units and vice presidents, and the list of president unit and president of the Alliance were voted and passed on the meeting. Xingyun Company was elected as the president unit of the Alliance. Zhang Di, the Deputy General Manager of CASIC Sanjiang Group and Chairman of Xingyun Company, was elected as the President and made a speech. Zhang said that, the establishment of the Alliance would attract the superior resources of the member units to the construction of a complete industry-university-research-oriented ecosystem, so as to promote the technical innovation in space-based Internet of Things industry and the extensive application of relevant products. It would help the cultivation of industry-oriented high-end talents and accelerate the development of commercial aerospace industry in China. In a word, the Alliance would make great contribution to building China into a country with mighty strength of space-based Internet of Things.

Same as low-orbit communication satellite, Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing, space-based Internet of Things is a commercial aerospace project proposed by CASIC to seize the great opportunity for worldwide development of Internet of Everything and to practice the national strategy of developing the emerging industry of Internet of Things.

By constructing an independent, self-owned and controllable low-orbit satellite constellation communication system, space-based Internet of Things will effectively connect the information nodes and smart terminals like sensors across the world together, so as to build an information ecosystem with organic integration of thing-thing and man-thing Internet. It can be widely used in multiple fields of national security, such as power generation, petroleum and financing, as well as other fields of national economy, like agriculture, forestry and transportation.

“Internet of Things is now at a strategic dominating position in the new round of worldwide economy and science & technology development. In the future, with the quick expanding of 5G and low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) supporting Internet of Things, billions of new devices will be connected to the Internet and massive data will be generated. Internet of Things is now facing a new stage of cross-border integration, integrated innovation and scale development. It will become the major force promoting the progress of industrial, informational, intelligent, networked and socialized development of the world.” says Deputy General Manager Du Li of Xingyun Company.

Development of Internet of Things relies highly on the communication infrastructure. At present, the effective coverage of the ground communication base stations all around the world is limited to only 5% of the ocean area and 20% of the land area of our planet; therefore the extensive and in-depth development of Internet of Things is limited accordingly. By contract, the space information system developed on the basis of satellite communication technology has a wider coverage, longer communication distance, higher security level and other technical advantages. Developing space-based Internet of Things and constructing self-owned controllable satellite communication network will make up for the deficiency of ground communication facilities, so that the informatization construction of our country can be boosted and the communication information security of our country can be better protected.

Since the establishment, Xingyun Company has been working aggressively in every business sector of the Internet of Things industry, and it has already made gains in several aspects like technical research & development and market application. In January, 2017, the first technology testing satellite of “Xingyun Project”, “Xingyun-S01” was launched into the intended orbit by KZ-1A carrier rocket.

In September of this year, Xingyun Company initiated its cooperation with Wuhan Asia Europe Logistics Co., Ltd. in market application. Four sets of Xingyun intelligent container monitoring terminals were installed on the WAE trains to monitor the general condition of the containers. In the first half of 2019, the Company is expected to carry out the launching of Xingyun-01 and Xingyun-02 satellites. Trial operation and demonstration work construction are expected to be initiated too. At present, more than ten corporations from several businesses have signed contracts with Xingyun Company, showing their intension of purchasing more than 2 million modules (terminals) in total.

The Space-based Internet of Things Application High-end Forum was held on the same day of the establishment of the Alliance, The guest speakers glowingly expressed their opinions on the new technologies, new products, new application, new business pattern and new mode of the industry.  (Reported by Wei Qin and Wang Cong)


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