CASIC and China Everbright Group Signs Framework Agreement


On April 2, CASIC and China Everbright Group signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation in Beijing. On the basis of “complementing each other’s advantages, friendly cooperation, collaborative innovation, mutually-beneficial and win-win relationship” and upholding the principle of market-based international development, both parties will give full play to its own advantages and carry out multi-level deep cooperation in various forms in such aspects as comprehensive finance, aerospace industry, eco-environment protection, culture tourism and medical treatment and health care.

Gao Hongwei, Secretary of the Party Leading Group and President of CASIC and Li Xiaopeng, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Everbright Group witnessed signing of the agreement by Liu Chuandong, a member of the Party Leading Group and Chief Accountant of CASIC and Cai Yunge, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Everbright Group on behalf of both parties respectively.

Gao Hongwei extended warm welcome to Li Xiaopeng and other visitors along. He introduced the development history and business operation of the Group and expressed his hope to continue deepening traditional cooperation with Everbright Group, and meanwhile actively explore new forms of cooperation to deepen cooperation between both parties in such fields as comprehensive finance, innovation and real industry. According to Gao Hongwei, the Group will give full play to its advantages in comprehensive finance, industrial investment, financial technology, industrial Internet, International business, health industry, business trip and other fields; expand cooperation with Everbright Group in relevant fields, develop innovative products and realize mutual complementing of advantages, and mutual-beneficial and win-win development of both parties through their powerful cooperation. He also suggested that both parties should quickly establish contact groups for all cooperation fields and promote finalization and implementation of the framework agreement on strategic cooperation.

Li Xiaopeng introduced the development history and current transformation development of Everbright Group and thanked CASIC for its support all along. He stated that Everbright Group and CASIC have good basis for cooperation and suggested that both parties should further expand cooperation scope and depth, explore innovation in cooperation and set the “1+3+1” cooperation framework. “1” means to comprehensively strengthen finance cooperation while “3” means to comprehensively deepen cooperation of both parties in three real industries including technological innovation, culture tourism and health, and environmental protection”. Another “1” means that Everbright Group will put into full play its advantages in comprehensive operation of Everbright Financial Holding Asset Management Co., Ltd. to provide favorable “refined service packages” for “great craftsmen” of CASIC and high-quality finance, health and culture tourism services for staff of CASIC. (Written by Dai Zhenying; Photo by Li Shupeng)

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