CASIC held the 2019 financial work conference


On June 26, CASIC held the 2019 financial work conference. More than 140 persons attended the conference, including relevant leaders from the National Audit Office, Liu Shiquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leading Group and General Manager of CASIC, Liu Chuandong, Member of the Party Leading Group and Chief Accountant, relevant department heads from the headquarters, and relevant leaders from all secondary units and some tertiary units.

At the conference, Liu Chuandong delivered a report titled Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and Keep Our Mission Firmly in Mind, Strive to Construct a Financial Control System Suitable for High-quality Development, reviewing the financial work in recent three years, analyzing the new situation and new requirements of financial control in the new era, further identified the financial transformation ideas, put forward the financial management objectives, financial management culture and financial control mode for high-quality development, and made a plan for the following main work.

According to the report, CASIC should set the financial management goal of "maximizing the group's benefits", adhere to the core concept of "value thinking and profit orientation", gradually cultivate the financial management culture of "integrity, program and cost efficiencies", and continuously improve the financial control mode of "two parallels, three focuses and three unities" adapting to CASIC's high-quality development. In the report, Liu also made 10 key financial plans in the near future.

Relevant leaders from the National Audit Office fully affirmed CASIC's financial achievements in recent years, conveyed guiding principles from relevant CPC meetings, and stressed that we should enhance political positions, strengthen communication and exchange on financial and audit work, adopt a correct attitude towards audit supervision, and properly carry out regular "economic physical examination".

Liu Shiquan proposed four requirements on how to do a good job in financial work and make good use of financial work achievements: First, we should follow guiding principles from the education meeting themed on "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" to strengthen ideological guidance and enhance political positions, strictly put the Party’s guidelines and policies into action, properly implement various decisions and plans made by the Party Leading Group of CASIC, and exert the important role of financial work by remaining committed to promoting high-quality development and having the determination to prevent and dissolve major risks. Second, we should establish the concept of profit orientation, enhance the ability of value creation, and create values by studying policies in details, innovating business mode and management tools, and improving the decision support level. Third, we should uphold the concept of problem orientation, enhance the supervision and control ability, consolidate the foundation and put an end to low-level and recurring problems, seek truth from facts and adhere to the correct view of performance, and find out deficiencies and improve the level of financial management by comparing with advanced benchmarks. Fourth, we must do a good job in team building, build a financial team that matches the world-leading aerospace defense corporation with global competitiveness, and continuously improve the professionalism of the financial team.

Regarding the implementation of guiding principles from the meeting, Liu Chuandong put forward five requirements: First, all units should publicize guiding principles and work requirements from the meeting as soon as possible. Second, we should properly carry out the education meeting themed on "remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind", and do a good job of "finding problems for further improvement". Third, we must apply a realistic and pragmatic approach to properly plan and implement follow-up work. Fourth, we should ensure the proper implementation of financial transformation plans and measures in combination with the work plans for the second half of the year. Fifth, we should make efforts to strengthen the management of "net profits attributable to the Parent" in combination with the "14th Five-Year Plan".

At the meeting, advanced collectives and individuals in financial work in 2016~2018 were commended. Personnel from Second Academy, Third Academy, CSSG, Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd. and other organizations shared their experience. (Written by Ren Yueming; Photo by Wang Sai)

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