CASIC Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Xiamen Municipal Government


On the central-local cooperation meeting in Xiamen City on August 12, CASIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xiamen Municipal Government. Chen Guoying, Deputy General Manager of CASIC and Zhuang Jiahan, Mayor of Xiamen, signed on the agreement on behalf of both parties respectively. Hao Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee of SASAC, and Hu Changsheng, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Xiamen witnessed the signing of the agreement.

According to the agreement, CASIC and Xiamen will cooperate in an all-round way in such fields as industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, smart industry and network and information industry. To support strategic cooperation of both parties, the Third Research Institute, the Aerospace Information and the CASICloud respectively signed a project cooperation agreement with relevant organizations of Xiamen, witnessed by Chen Guoying and relevant leaders of SASAC and Xiamen municipal government.

During the meeting, Chen Guoying discussed about deepening cooperation between both parties with leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, municipal government and government of Jimei District of Xiamen. Relevant leaders of the Industrial Development Department of CASIC participated in the activity.

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