Strive to Build a World-class Aerospace Defense Corporation — On-the-spot Report on Development Achievements of CASIC during the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period


When a series of missile weapons and equipment that fill in gaps, create a precedent and meet urgent needs were debuted at the military parade to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of People's Republic of China, when a series of new technologies and products contributed to the complete success of major national projects including global constellation deployment of BDS-3, Tianwen-1 Mars exploration mission and Chang'e-5 mission, when a series of strategic emerging industries and industrialization projects with core competitiveness was implemented, CASIC caught the eye of the world to witness its development and transformation.

"We are about to successfully complete the objectives and tasks specified in the "13th Five-Year Plan" and fully embark on a new journey of building a world-class aerospace defense corporation". At the historic crossroad of the "Two Centenary Goals", the Party Leadership Group of CASIC held its first strategic work conference to define its three-step strategy in the medium and long term and the development ideas, key tasks and strategic initiatives during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The "13th Five-Year Plan" period is coming to an end. Looking back at the extraordinary five years in the history of CASIC, it not only has the perseverance and coverage to forge ahead, overcome challenges and resolve problems, but also the mighty and heroic spirit of "racing with thousands of sailboats and crossing the boundless sky and waters". The five years have seen CASIC's efforts in continuously strengthening the Party's leadership and the Party building, making remarkable achievements in research and development of aerospace defense equipment, further vitalizing stronger impetus for scientific and technological innovation, continuously developing the civil industry, and comprehensively deepening the reform both in breadth and in depth. All the efforts have laid a solid foundation for the development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Strengthen Original Aspiration and Shoulder the Mission: Promoting the Party's Leadership and Strengthening the Party Building

At the Tenth Conference of CASIC on Party Building on November 30, 2020, Yuan Jie, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and President of CASIC, presented flags and naming certificates for 12 commandos of Party members.

"We should thoroughly study, publicize and implement the guiding principles of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and have a profound understanding of the extreme importance for CASIC to further uphold the Party's leadership and strengthen the Party building", Yuan Jie said.

In recent years, the Party Leadership Group of CASIC has grasped the inherent rules of upholding the Party's leadership and strengthening the Party building under new circumstances, concentrated its efforts on solidifying the foundation, shaping the soul of the enterprise, pursuing integrated development, cultivating talents, laying a solid foundation and upholding righteousness, and vigorously promoted the deep integration of Party building with scientific research, production and operation.

Over the past five years, CASIC has always followed the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implemented the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress and the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, enhanced the consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in terms of the big picture, follow the leadership core, and keep in alignment with the central Party leadership, strengthened confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics, upheld General Secretary Xi Jinping's position as the core of the CPC Central Committee and the whole Party, as well as the authority of the CPC Central Committee and its centralized, unified leadership, thoroughly implemented the general guidelines for Party building in the new era, adhered to strict self-supervision and self-governance on the Party, carried forward the normalization and institutionalization of "Two Studies and One Action", and launched education campaigns on the theme of "staying true to our founding mission". Also, it has achieved remarkable results in the special work of enforcing strict Party discipline, continuously standardized the primary-level Party branches, enhanced the overall function of the leading body, significantly improved the ability of the leaders to take on responsibilities, comprehensively deepened the efforts to improve Party conduct, build a clean government and fight against corruption, and continued to improve the Party's political ecosystem.

After the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, CASIC has set off a craze of studying and implementing the guiding principles of the session throughout the company, and further deepened the demonstration of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the medium- and long-term development strategies, to ensure that the "14th Five-Year Plan" gets off to a good start.

CASIC has firmly established the concept that "talented personnel are the primary resources", deeply implemented the talent-first strategy, trained a large number of aerospace talents who are competent and possess both integrity and ability, intensified the training and selection of leaders through main projects, main programs and key models, and trained strategic scientific and technological talents represented by academicians with an emphasis on developing high-caliber, high-tech, and urgently-needed talent. Since the start of the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, 1 person from CASIC has been elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Moreover, CASIC has gotten ahead of other central SoEs in the number of experts in national major talent projects, and has seen an increase in the proportion of professional and technical personnel by 16.4% compared with the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, and a significant increase in the proportion of highly educated talents.

On the way of pursuing high-quality development, it is always the goal of CASIC to share the achievements of aerospace development with the broad masses of the people. In recent years, CASIC has earnestly fulfilled the social responsibility of central SoEs, implemented 371 targeted poverty alleviation projects with aerospace characteristics, directly sent RMB 64.64 million in poverty alleviation funds, and helped 2 designated poverty-stricken counties (districts) in Yunnan Province, i.e. Dongchuan District of Kunming and Fuyuan County of Qujing, shake off poverty. It has handed over the safe housing projects in Sichuan Province as scheduled, moving more than 8,200 households in Butuo County and 84 poverty-stricken households in the "Cliff Village" of Zhaojue County to into new houses.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, CASIC has spared no pains to fight the pandemic, taken various measures to resume work and production, guided 6 hospitals to carry out treatment, mobilized more than 30,000 pieces of supplies to assist Hubei, made a special donation of RMB 43.6 million, and taken actions (including construction of temporary treatment centers, and supply of respirators and other emergency rescue equipment) to assist the affected areas. CASIC has practiced its original aspiration and mission in this fight with practical actions, and fully demonstrated the aerospace spirit, aerospace strength and aerospace responsibility.

Unswervingly Forge "Swords": Leading the High-quality Development of Aerospace Defense Equipment by Performing the Primary Responsibility of Strengthening the Military

General Secretary Xi Jinping said that weapons and equipment are an important mark of modernized army forces and important support for national security and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

"Without a strong military, a country can be neither safe nor strong". As the national team and main force in the aerospace defense sector, CASIC has always been committed to providing advanced aerospace defense equipment and high-tech products for national security.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC has always adhered to the corporate mission of "empowering the military with science and technology and serving the nation through aerospace industry", concentrated its efforts on building an equipment system and a capability system that adapt to the new international security situation and the new competitive situation while unswervingly carrying out major national programs and projects, to provide advanced technological base and material support for safeguarding China's sovereignty, security and development benefits.

On October 1, 2019, "Dongfeng", "Hongqi", "Yingji" and "Changjian" missiles and other equipment featuring systemaltization, intelligentization and practical operational capability, developed under the leadership of CASIC, were debuted at the military parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, demonstrating the strategic breakthrough of CASIC from delivery of equipment to delivery of system and capability. The series of national major projects has strongly supported the formation of organizational and systematic operational capability and support capability of high-tech national defense equipment, forging a solid security foundation and providing a strategic deterrent force for strengthening China's national defense strength, safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and promoting high-quality development.

Over the past five years, CASIC has successfully completed a series of scientific research tasks of great innovation significance, and developed a new batch of core and key technologies and original achievements with independent intellectual property rights. The equipment of various types developed and manufactured by CASIC performed well in military exercises and training as well as international military competitions.

"We should take self-reliance and self-strengthening in science and technology as the core strategic basis, vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, focus on improving the ability of independent innovation, strive to become the pacesetter and main force in building China into an innovation-driven country and a modern socialist country, and make efforts to play a role in boosting China's strategic scientific and technological strength and a core role in building China into a great power and building a powerful military", Yuan Jie said firmly at the Party lecture that is themed on implementing the guiding principles of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.

Independent innovation has always been the spiritual endowment for the vigorous development of China's space industry. In recent years, CASIC has input more than 10% of its annual operating revenues in scientific and technological innovation, and mastered a number of key and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights by virtue of independent innovation. It will continuously increase its input in innovation during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, and push ahead with the major breakthrough from "0" to "1" in disruptive technologies that change the competitive situation in the technical field.

Ride the Tides and Cultivate Drivers: Lifting up the Big Banner of Commercial Aerospace and Injecting New Impetus into the Construction of a Space Power

On December 17, 2020, the return capsule of Chang'e-5 successfully returned to Earth, bringing back the country's first lunar samples collected from the extraterrestrial object. This marks the successful completion of the most complicated and technologically challenging space system project in China.

"The complete success of the Chang'e-5 mission is another major achievement in overcoming difficulties by giving full play to the advantages of the new system of pooling national resources and strength, marking a great step forward in China's space industry", General Secretary Xi Jinping said in his congratulatory message.

The report made at the 19th National Congress of CPC makes a strategic plan of "building China into a space power". As the main force in the development of China's space industry, CASIC has actively participated in and successfully completed major national space missions including manned space flight, lunar exploration and Beidou Navigation Satellite System, and taken the lead in lifting up the big banner of developing China's commercial aerospace industry.

At the 6th China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum, Yuan Jie said, "As an important path for the high-quality development of the space industry, commercial aerospace has attracted wide attention and active participation from all walks of life with its infinite and great vitality, and promoted the innovation-driven development of the world space industry. Moreover, it has played an important historical role in realizing the dream of building China into a space power and the Chinese dream".

As a national-level strategic innovation-oriented high-tech enterprise, CASIC has innovatively implemented a series of commercial aerospace projects including Feiyun (F-Cloud), Kuaiyun (K-Cloud), Xingyun (X-Cloud), Hongyun (H-Cloud), Tengyun (T-Cloud) and T-Flight (Supersonic Train System) with the emphasis on building a world-class aerospace defense corporation, strived to build an air-near space-ground integrated information support system, and constantly refreshed the new heights in the development of China's commercial aerospace.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC has made a major breakthrough from "0" to "1" in commercial aerospace. For example, the 500t commercial thrust solid launch vehicle (one-stage, reduced charge) independently developed by CASIC has been proved a success in the ground test, marking a great breakthrough in key technology of China's solid launch vehicle with high thrust and high mass ratio; the first space-based Internet and space-based IoT test satellite successfully launched by China has realized the first laser communication among space-based IoT satellites in China; Kuaizhou solid launch vehicles have been in a normal launch mode.

"In the future, CASIC will continue to pioneer the frontiers of world science and technology, navigate toward the main economic battlefield, respond to China's major needs, and care about the lives and health of Chinese people. It will continue to explore aerospace science and technology both in breadth and in depth, walk hand in hand and strengthen cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad that are committed to developing the commercial aerospace industry. Under the new development pattern centering on internal circulation with the domestic and international markets promoting each other, it will push the commercial aerospace industry to a new level of development", Yuan Jie said.

Empower Industry and Benefit the Society: Satisfying the Yearning for a Better Life with High-tech Aerospace Products

On November 3, 2020, the 2020 Smart Industry Summit Forum kicked off in Wuxi, Jiangxi Province. At the forum themed on "New Infrastructure in China and New Wisdom in Aerospace", CASIC released six smart industry-related products, including Smart Industry Application Platform 2.0, Urban Operating System, Smart Water Cube Platform, Electronic Data Storage Platform, Customs Unmanned Intelligent Inspection Vehicle and Agricultural Meteorological Observation System.

In recent years, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the construction of new infrastructure and made intensive plans to promote the development of 5G, big data, IoT, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet, which will directly promote the development of digital economy and create a new cornerstone for intelligent transformation and accelerated development of industries.

"At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, six main objectives of China's economic and social development during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period have been proposed. Each of these objectives is closely related to the smart industry and needs to be empowered by "wisdom", to promote the realization of safe development of the country and common prosperity of the people", Liu Shiquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and General Manager of CASIC, said.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, CASIC has focused on the development philosophy of "generalized defense and extensive security", adhered to the unity of enriching the country and strengthening the military, comprehensively applied new-generation information technologies like big data and artificial intelligence to empower the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, made efforts to build a number of new key pillar industries including industrial Internet and smart industry, created a better life with aerospace technology and shared aerospace technology achievements with the broad masses of the people.

CASIC has actively integrated into the main battlefield of the national economy, and successfully developed a series of high-tech products in the fields of information technology and information security, and high-end equipment manufacturing, contributing the space power to the development of the national economy. For example, CASIC has established the INDICS industrial Internet platform which has been approved as the national cross-industry and cross-discipline industrial Internet platform, achieved results in the implementation of major projects including industrial Internet innovation project and " Internet plus", and implemented a number of aerospace system integration projects represented by urban construction big data and smart cities. Moreover, it has accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological innovations (such as smart sensors and medical and health care equipment) with independent intellectual property rights, given full play to the advantages in modern service industries such as inspection and testing, business incubation, scientific and technological services, and architectural engineering design, and formed a number of core technology products and emerging industries.

Make Breakthrough in Reform and Expand Opening up: Achieving New Breakthroughs at a New Starting Point with a Positive and Open Attitude

In April 2017, Hunan Aerospace affiliated to CASIC became the second-class military industrial enterprise among the pilot organizations for mixed ownership reform of central SOEs released by the National Development and Reform Commission, and was included in the list of enterprises to implement the "Double-Hundred Actions" issued by SASAC. By deepening the reform, Hunan Aerospace has developed rapidly towards a modern enterprise and gradually stepped into a new stage of high-quality development.

This is the epitome of the reform and innovation promoted by CASIC. Over the past five years, CASIC has resolutely implemented the three-year action plan for the reform of SOEs, and formulated and implemented special action plans to strengthen top-level design and overall development. CASIC has made great efforts to promote special reform tasks such as the "Double-Hundred Actions", "Demonstration Action for S&T Enterprise Reform" and mixed-ownership reform, explored comprehensive reform models and experience models that can be replicated and widely promoted. It has steadily pushed forward with the function-based reform and mixed-ownership reform of public institutions, explored and implemented a more dynamic incentive and restraint mechanism, continued to promote the implementation of the "1+N" policy system for the reform of SOEs, improved the level of financial control and planning management, and created an intelligent financial sharing platform with deep integration of industry, finance and taxation.

In addition, CASIC has devoted itself to building a world-class aerospace defense corporation, comprehensively pushing ahead with management improvement, and constantly consolidating the management foundation.

"To promote high-quality development, it is important to solve problems in steady development through reform and to drive and promote all kinds of work through reform. CASIC is steadily deepening the reform in accordance with the central government's deployment and seeing continuously increasing vitality of enterprise development and innovation", Yuan Jie said.

Since China is now moving closer to the world's center stage as history progresses, CASIC has been actively served China's overall political and foreign policy interests, kept developing its international operations, moved its competitive production capacity, superior products and excellent technologies to the wider world, and steadily implemented a series of projects to contribute to pursuing the Belt and Road Initiative.

At the same time, CASIC has also actively built an international exchange platform, held international activities such as China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum, International Conference on Industrial Internet and Forum on Advanced Materials and Technologies for consecutive years, and participated in many international premier events with the full image of the enterprise for consecutive years, including China International Import Expo, China International Fair for Trade in Services, China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, HANNOVER MESSE, Farnborough International Airshow and International Astronautical Congress, to showcase its development achievements, disseminate its development concept, build a corporate brand, and show a good Chinese aerospace enterprise image to the world.

"Building a space power and supporting modernization of national defense and the armed forces are the key for the CPC Central Committee to plan the future development. Implementing the guiding principles of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the "14th Five-Year Plan" is an important embodiment of implementing the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and practicing the principle of upholding General Secretary Xi Jinping's position as the core of the CPC Central Committee and the whole Party, as well as the authority of the CPC Central Committee and its centralized, unified leadership. CASIC will devote all its efforts, bring out all its abilities and tap all its potential, spare no pains to push ahead with strategic plans, strive to build a world-class aerospace defense corporation, and make new contributions to building China into a space power and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation", the Party Leadership Group of CASIC said with a sonorous and powerful voice of endeavor to 150,000 leaders and employees in the face of the upcoming "14th Five-Year Plan" period.


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