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The First Satellite Produced on the China's First Small Satellite Intelligent Production Line Goes Offline
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On May 13, Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base satellite industry park activities kicked off, with the "Build Dream of China Star Valley, Open a Space Age" as the theme, invited more than 150 representatives from national ministries and relevant departments, local governments, relevant central SOEs, universities, companies, and leaders and experts to witness the opening of satellite industry park and the first satellite produced on the China's first small satellite intelligent production going offline.

The event was organized by Hubei Provincial People's Government and CASIC Second Academy, and hosted by Xinzhou District People's Government and CASIC Space Engineering Development Co., Ltd. under the strong leadership of the Hubei Provincial People's Government and CASIC.  The half-day event was scheduled with first satellite off-line ceremony, production line visit, theme forum and other activities, there was also exhibition, displaying the latest research results and solutions of satellite design, research and development, manufacturing, etc.

The First Satellite Produced on The China's First Small Satellite Intelligent Production Line Went Offline

Wang Zhonglin, Deputy Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Acting Governor, Liu Shiquan, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC, Li Lecheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Gong Bo, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager of CASIC, Cheng Yongwen, Deputy Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee and Mayor, and Wei Shengbin, Secretary General of Hubei Provincial Government witnessed the first satellite produced on the China's first small satellite intelligent production line independently developed by CASIC going offline.

The construction of the satellite intelligent production line started in 2019, and now is ready for normal production; the production line is featured by "flexible intelligence, digital twin, cloud manufacturing"; with advanced intelligent manufacturing technology adopted, it enables accurate perception, real-time control of the quality of key processes, the manufacturing process data collection and control of the whole manufacturing process, etc., and meet the demand of integration testing of small satellite assembly.

The satellite is a typical satellite designed for batch production, mainly composed of 7 major systems like structure and mechanism subsystem, thermal control subsystem, etc. Through multiple processes such as parts release, subassembly and assembly, the integration test of the typical satellite was successfully completed on the satellite intelligent production line, and the finished satellite successfully went offline, which verified the feasibility of the satellite intelligent production line and marked the era of satellite batch production, and was of milestone significance.

After the completion of the satellite intelligent production line, the production efficiency of small satellites will be increased by more than 40%, the single satellite site area will be reduced by more than 70%, the single satellite production cycle will be shortened by more than 80%, and the personnel productivity will be increased by more than 10 times.

Speech guiding the development of space industry

In his speech, Wang Zhonglin congratulated the success of the event on behalf of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Hubei Provincial People's Government.  He said that he was deeply impressed by the importance given to Hubei by CASIC in its strategic layout.  "Exploring the vast universe, developing the aerospace industry and constructing China into a space power is our unremitting pursuit of the aerospace dream", Wang Zhonglin shared with the guests 3 points of views after studying the speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the important discourses on aerospace industry.

First, the development of aerospace is the road toward scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, aerospace is an important symbol of national strength, a powerful engine of economic development, but also the prelude to a new chapter in Hubei, through seizing the major opportunities of aerospace development, Hubei will win the future; Second, thanks to its rich innovative resources, strong industrial strength, superior location and transportation, Hubei is one of the most potential provinces with significant advantages to build a new high ground for the aerospace industry, providing great platform for future development; Third, Hubei will provide first-class business environment, industrial ecology as well as financial support, fuel the development of enterprises, and break new ground for aerospace development together.

Liu Shiquan delivered a speech on behalf of the CASIC. He pointed out that CASIC has always, upholding the corporate mission of "empowering the army with science and technology and serving the nation with aerospace technology", the corporate positioning of "serving the national strategy, the national defense development and the national welfare and the people's livelihood", implements new development concept on the new development stage to shape a new development pattern, and strengthen the research of frontier, original and disruptive technologies in the aerospace field to promote the innovation and development of commercial spaceflight and play a central and backbone role as a central SOE in promoting the construction of a major power in space.

Liu Shiquan introduced that CASIC has consciously contributed to the economic and social development of Hubei Province and Wuhan City, to make joint effort to build Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base, and has vigorously developed a number of aerospace high-tech industrial projects represented by the satellite industry park, promoted the construction of resource-intensive, open and shared space industry ecology, with remarkable development results achieved. The first phase of the Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park, which took two years to build, will be put into operation, providing strong support for the subsequent bulk satellite manufacturing and the construction of large constellations, to realize the dream of "Star Valley" in China.

To get off to a good opening of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Liu Shiquan stressed that CASIC will continue to enhance its confidence, forge ahead, uphold an open attitude to further stimulate market vitality, and provide systematic services like satellite design, manufacturing, launch, operation and control, and application, build a new open and shared satellite industry ecosystem, and promote the gathering of the whole aerospace industry chain for synergetic and high-quality development, accelerate the building of place of origin for technology, to play a new role in modern industry chain and shape new development pattern, to make a new and greater contribution to the overall construction of a modern socialist country.

Cheng Yongwen pointed out in his speech that the first satellite produced on the China's first satellite intelligent production line going offline marks another breakthrough in the development of commercial spaceflight in China.  Light up China's "Star Valley", to serve the construction of space power. Cheng Yongwen pointed out that since the national space industry base settled in Wuhan in August 2016, Wuhan has insisted on big vision planning, vast investment, large scale investment attraction, rapid construction, centered on the overall positioning of building Wuhan into the national central city, the core city of Yangtze River Economic Belt and an international metropolis, to strive to make China "Star Valley" into a first-class modern intelligent park, a first-class demonstration area of industry-city integration, and a first-class model of cooperation between the central SOE and the local government.

Signing for residence, to build the satellite industry ecology together

As Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park is gradually put into use, CASIC will gradually build an industrial ecology with "low cost, high efficiency and fast response", and make every effort to build a "3km ecosystem" featuring "convergence, openness, sharing, innovation and universality" with the strongest research and production capacity and industry resources attraction in China, to promote the development of aerospace industry and regional economy.

At present, the Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park starts to show brand effect and agglomeration effect. Multiple units under the Beijing Institute of Remote Sensing Equipment, Guizhou Meiling Power Supply Co., Ltd., Beijing Wutian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other units took the lead to sign the contracts to reside in the Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park. Li Bohu Academician Workstation and Wuhan Science Education Base have also been approved for establishment.

Subsequently, relying on Wuhan Satellite Industrial Park, CASIC will take the satellite intelligent production line as the core, continuously attract supporting upstream and downstream enterprises of satellite industry to gather to form an ecology, to build a new development and production mode based on digital twin, flexible intelligence and cloud manufacturing, and create a new space industry ecosystem.