2020 " CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" Officially Unveiled


On May 18, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, promote the learning and education of Party history, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) held a CASIC Lecture and the 2020 CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams) Story Sharing Activity as an important part of the "Always with the Party"-themed mass propaganda and education activities, to tell inspirational stories, promote the aerospace spirit and stimulate work motivation, to strengthen the faith of serving the country under the leadership of typical models and learn from them.

At the event, the decision of commending the 2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" was read out, and Chen Guoying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of CASIC, awarded commemorative trophies to 10 people and teams who won the honorary titles. Previously, CASIC organized the appraisal and publicity of 2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" in the whole system, aiming at commending the advanced person, setting up role models, nurturing a good atmosphere of "employees electing role models and role models leading employees", to guide employees to consciously practice the core socialist values and carry forward the aerospace spirit and culture.

2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)"

8 collectives and 2 individuals

At the meeting, a short film of 2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" was played. Winners and representatives of teams winning the 2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" shared their story of staying true to their original missions, loving the Party and the country, daring to be the first, making breakthroughs, disregarding of personal gains and losses, and sacrificing life.

On behalf of the Party Leadership Group of the CASIC, Chen Guoying paid tribute to the people and teams winning the honorary titles. He pointed out that the simple and unpretentious words shared by the winners were inspirational and had enlightened everyone, and their deeds were ordinary but great that tell noble ambitions in plain words, which will motivate every CASIC members to forge ahead to build CASIC into world leading aeronautic defense and space group. The Party Leadership Group of the CASIC takes the nomination and propagation of advanced models and the learning of great spirits as an important part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party and the study and education of the Party history, and calls on the cadres and workers to strive to make due contribution, shoulder new responsibilities, make new achievements and break new ground in the new journey of the new era,  and make unremitting effort to realize the space dream, the dream of a strong army and the Chinese dream.

Chen Guoying pointed out that, in the new era, loyalty to and love for the Party and the country are needed to lead the development. The CASIC people has always take loyalty to and love for the Party and the country as the guiding philosophy; in the new era, all cadres and workers should continue to internalize the aerospace spirit, devoted to serve the Party and the country, strengthen the military and protect the people, love the country while forging ahead, to arm themselves with historical mission of "empowering the army with science and technology and serving the nation with aerospace technology" to continuously create a new situation for the innovative development of China's aerospace industry.  Pioneering spirit and self-reliance are required to lead the new journey. CASIC people always adhere to the pioneering spirit and self-reliance as the spiritual backing, and unswervingly follow the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics. In the new journey, all cadres and workers should practice the aerospace spirit in seeking truth and innovation, promote high-quality development through scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, accelerate the development of strategic frontier disruptive technologies, and complete the major missions entrusted by the Party and the people. Hard work and dedication are required to provide impetus for new development. In the new development stage where new opportunities and challenges coexist, all cadres and workers should learn aerospace spirit in heart and put into practice, with hard work and dedication as guidance, pursue self-improvement through learning aerospace spirit and aerospace culture, and strengthen faith and gain spiritual strength from the Party history.

Chen Guoying stressed that every role model is a yardstick to be followed, from which we should learn to strive for the best, with perseverance, for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern state, the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China with excellent achievements.

At the award ceremony, the choir of the Third Academy of CASIC sang the song "Ode to the Motherland", expressing the aerospace people's love for the Party and the country, and the ambition of building strong military and protecting people, which climaxed the ceremony.

Leaders of all departments (agencies) of the headquarters, leaders of party committees and heads of relevant departments of all secondary and tertiary units, winners of the honorary title of 2020 "CASIC Inspirational Role Models (Teams)" and team representatives, representatives of front-line workers and representatives of model workers attended the sharing session at the main venue and each video conference venues respectively.

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