Establishing a Power in Aerospace Industry, Giving an Answer that Satisfies the Country and All People of China


In the April full of spring blossoms, we are here to welcome the third April 24 China Space Day. Looking back to the past year, the target to become a power in aerospace industry thrills all people of China, and the brand new achievements of China in the aerospace industry dazzle the whole world. As a strategic, Hi-tech, state-owned innovation-oriented enterprise, every step of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (hereinafter as CASIC) in innovation is recorded in time: more than 10 types of missiles from CASIC debut in the Zhurihe military training base. CASIC, as a single R&D and manufacturing organization, wins the Special Prize in the National Award for Science and Technology Progress for the 5th time. The Kuaizhou launcher made a new record in quickest commercial launch in China. The “Five Clouds and One Train” commercial space flight project made significant progress. The construction of commercial space flight-oriented Wuhan National Space Industry Base commenced. INDICS, which is the first industrial Internet in China, and the one of the first batch in the world, goes online in 8 languages and has amassed more than 1500000 enterprise users...

The year 2018 marks the very first year to implement the spirits of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up Policy. Gao Hongwei, the Secretary of Party Committee of CASIC and the Chairman of CASIC, states that CASIC will follow the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era of President Xi Jinping and keep in mind the instructions of Xi to build a technology power, quality power and aerospace power, be determined to serve the national strategy, serve national defense construction and national economy and the people's livelihood; CASIC will both perform its sacred mission as a solid military enterprise in becoming a reliable strength for forging the national defense foundation and aerospace power and perform its lofty mission as a state-owned enterprise in emerging as the foundation of state governance and a pivotal support to develop national economy.

Serving national strategy: promoting CASIC to emerge as a world-class leading aerospace power.

As a super large Hi-tech enterprise directly governed by the central government, CASIC carefully implements the spirits of the keynote speech of Xi in being determined to make state-owned enterprises large, outstanding and leading enterprises, CASIC also seeks to transform and upgrade itself based on technology innovation, commercial mode innovation and management innovation by both strengthening development in weapon, aerospace industry and army-civilian integration industry and reinforcing the creation of new modes and the nurturing and growing of new industries, new form of industry and new impetus, amassing precious practical experiences. In 2017, CASIC maintained stable and fast-growing development trend, making a solid and giant stride toward becoming a first class international aerospace defense company. We obtained a revenue increase of 13.5% year-on-year, and its total revenue was increased by 11.2% on year-on-year basis. CASIC is listed as a Grade A state-owned enterprise for 10 years in a row, and it ranks 355, 80 and 46 in the top 500 enterprises of the world, the top 500 enterprises of China and the top 500 most valuable brands of China.

As one of the main forces of China in aerospace industry, CASIC actively progresses in emerging as an aerospace power. In face of the booming of global commercial space flight and overall competitive development trend, CASIC not only completes its mission to R&D and manufacture weapons but also stick to the innovation-driven development strategy in deepening its ploughing in commercial space flight, hold tight to the general principles of “success and development comes first” and the industry function orientation of “Mobilizing the wits of whole society in the development of overall design institute, overall design department and final assembly plant”, conduct R&D openly in new-generation space flight technologies and application exploration and practice field and cooperate with peers to attain achievements, highlight key points and advantages, playing a pivotal role in promoting the development of commercial development of aerospace industry in the development process of the commercial space flight industry of China. In 2017, CASIC successfully completed the first commercial launch (Kuaizhou I) of three satellites in one launch vehicle; the Kaituozhe launch vehicle successfully launched the Tiankun-1 satellite; the construction of the commercial space flight -oriented Wuhan National Aerospace Industry Base commenced; the first Chinese rocket company attained RMB 1.2 billion financing... CASIC vigorously advances the “Five Clouds and One Train” (Feiyun, Kuaiyun, Xingyun, Hongyun and Tengyun and high speed flying train project) commercial space flight project.

At the same time, CASIC actively implements the Made in China 2025 and attends to the national “Internet +” program, build INDICS, the first industrial Internet platform in China and one of the first batch in the world that owns proprietary intellectual property rights. This platform has 8060 specialty capabilities of 6 categories, providing generically free service and individual value-added services to all kinds of enterprises; INDICS international cloud platform goes online in 7 languages, putting in place basic conditions for providing industrial Internet related services for numerous countries in the world. In 2017, witnessed by President Xi and German Chancellor Merkel, CASIC and Siemens signed the strategic cooperation agreement in the industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing fields; the cooperation of the two powers is meant to forge a future-oriented industrial ecosystem. So far, INDICS has amassed 1500000 enterprise users, of which 13000 users are foreign enterprise users.

As one of the first batch of mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, CASIC takes mass entrepreneurship and innovation as undertaking and develops special policies to encourage the officers and employees to carry out on-the-job entrepreneurship and innovation, and CASIC has seeded and nurtured approximately 5000 mass entrepreneurship and innovation projects in the society. CASIC has formed the “Three Stages and Three Pools” internal mass entrepreneurship and innovation advancing model including the nurturing stage, incubation stage , acceleration stage, creation pool, seed pool and product pool. CASIC has nurtured a batch of innovative enterprise platforms, including CASICloud, laser research academy, rocket company and etc., released a series of new products and new projects that have broad market prospect and high added value, absorbed first class innovation teams in the world by applying the mixed ownership mode, successfully developed the first high power and high quality single fiber laser device in China, laser pump chip, special fiber and etc., breaking overseas monopoly, and all of them are industrialized.

The key judgment that the economy of China has transformed from high speed growth stage to the high quality development stage is made in the reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and it emphasizes that innovation is the prior impetus to drive development and mobilizes all of us to develop leading enterprises that are globally competitive. CASIC will follow the calling of the central government and bravely undertake the missions. Facing the future, CASIC aims to build a world-class leading enterprise, implement the “manufacturing power, talent power, technology power, quality power, innovation-oriented country” construction strategy deployment and requirements of high quality development, develop the implementation route (version 2.0) of Four Strategies (integration of military and civilians, innovation-driven development, talent-rich strong enterprise and win the victory with quality), strives to nurture strategic technological strength and carry out the exploration and research of disruptive technologies in AI, quantum and etc. in the comprehensive innovation based on technological innovation, accelerate the research of future development-oriented technical expertise system and strategies, fully advances the measures to win the “three hard battles” including quality advancing, structure adjustment and transformation of development mode and progressively advances the “Two Targets and Four Steps” development plan, ie. preliminarily complete the construction of the world leading space flight defense company in 2020, preliminarily complete the construction of first class enterprises that globally competitive in 2035 and in the fifties of this century, fully complete the construction of first class enterprises that globally competitive.

Serving the national defense construction: adhering to the original will and performing our duties in strengthening our armies.

In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi demanded to construct a modern combat system with Chinese characteristics, strengthening our armies by using the route with Chinese characteristics and modernize the national defense and armies on all aspects. As the professional R&D and manufacturing company of all series missiles of China and national innovation-oriented enterprise, CASIC is strong-willed in prioritizing successfully complete missions to manufacture aerospace defense equipment and reinforces innovation in “Five New Generations” (New Generation weapon and equipment technologies and application, New Generation aerospace launching technologies and application, New Generation automatic and controllable information technologies and application, New Generation intelligent manufacturing technologies and application, New Generation materials and process technologies and application) and “Four basic technologies” (microsystem basic technologies, safety basic technologies of automatic and controllable information, intelligent manufacturing basic technologies and intelligent industry basic technologies), promote the wide application of structure and function integration, system and subsystem integration and mutual penetration of software and hardware, keep reinforcing the R&D of missiles weapons and equipment, spare no effort in building a innovation and researching and production system that can both “attack others and defend itself”. In the celebration of the 90th anniversary of PLA and Zhurihe military parade in 2017, more than ten types of missiles and equipment and one type of logistics assurance equipment researched and developed and manufactured by CASIC  passed the review platform and receives review of CPC and the Chinese people; all equipment performed well in the whole military strategic battle drill and international military competition, which emboldens all Chinese people and ensures peace for development.

Facing the requirements in battle-oriented, innovation-driven and system building-oriented military and national defense construction in the new era, CASIC fully implements Xi's idea in strengthening the PLA, keeps in mind its prior duties to strengthen the PLA, prioritizes the development of the aerospace defense equipment industry and focus on “battle capability and winning battles”; following the demands of joint operation, CASIC will fully advance the building of model-driven, data-driven and process-driven digital scientific research production system, fully promote the transformation of model development to become virtual and coordinated design, virtual verification and digital management, further improve the systemaltization, intelligentization, practical battle capability and quality reliability, and spare no effort in providing equipment and technical assurance for the equipment systemaltization, system intelligentization, and intelligent battle of national defense.

Serving the national economy and the people’s livelihood: regarding the people’s needs for a better life as the focus of our efforts

In the report delivered at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the principal contradiction of the Chinese society has been redefined as the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, and a strategic arrangement for implementing the new development philosophy and building a modern economic system has been made. Gao Hongwei, the Secretary of Party Committee of CASIC and the Chairman of CASIC, said that CASIC will be actively engaged in the main battlefield of the national economic construction and regard the aspirations of the people to live a better life as the focus of our efforts, and the main battlefield of the further military-civilian integration shall be upgraded with a goal to achieve “security, health, happiness and knowledge”, so as to make contributions to the digital China and the smart society.

In 2017, CASIC adhered to the development concept of “generalized defense and extensive security”. With the technical advantages in the professional fields, CASIC has made a series of groundbreaking breakthroughs in information technology and information security, as well as high-end equipment manufacturing, research and development, and has promoted the technological advancement of the industry and has also created good economic and social benefits. In 2017, the military-civilian integration-based industry of CASIC, achieved a year-on-year growth of 12.8% in revenue, and a year-on-year increase of 23.5% in new contracts.

CASIC pioneered the pilot projects concerning the autonomous controllable information system and its application. CASIC was the first one engaging in the field of the large-scale group-class autonomous controllable information system in China, deployed over 16,000 autonomous controllable terminals in its departments at all levels, with on-line operation realized in nearly 20 autonomous controllable information systems, and achieved a number of achievements in the research and development, migration and adaptation as well as talent team construction for key software and hardware products of the autonomous controllable information system. The performance test of the all-in-one machine of the Kunlun database for aerospace was ranked third in the world. Substantial achievements have been made in 19 sub-fields of the smart industry such as smart city, smart food and drug supervision, and smart pipe network, and the leading position in the construction of the comprehensive management and control platform for the national-level urban infrastructures has been established. The collaborative development pattern of the six key areas such as the smart transformation was initially established, and 14 key industrialization projects such as laser equipment were promoted steadily.

The devices and systems for making the electronic Exit-Entry Permit for Traveling to and from Hong Kong and Macao researched and developed by CASIC have been widely applied in China, and the entire process can be handled independently. Therefore, a spur-of-the-moment trip to Hong Kong and Macao is no longer a dream. The first underground pipeline project in China was implemented in Dezhou for guarding the city, and the ground penetrating radar can realize the “non-destructive testing” on underground pipelines. The individual air conditioners that can be worn effectively solved the problem of heatstroke prevention of outdoor operators in summer. The high-tech products for aerospace such as the 55-degree thermostatic water cup - “aerospace water cup” developed with the phase-change materials and the portable meat detector - “Xianbizi” have brought real convenience to people’s life.

Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of CPC, pointed out in the report delivered at the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China that the socialism with Chinese characteristics has crossed the threshold into a new era, and it means the Chinese nation, which since modern times began had endured so much for so long, has achieved a tremendous transformation - it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong. The aerospace industry is one of the important supports for the Chinese nation to “stand up”, “grow rich” and “become strong”. Facing the future, Gao said that CASIC will thoroughly implement the high-quality development requirements, create more steering-based development projects that are driven by innovation, and accelerate the building of a globally competitive world-class enterprise. In the tide of peaceful cooperation, openness, integration, reform and innovation, CASIC has actively engaged in the main battlefield of economic construction, and has provided aerospace wisdoms, solutions, and forces in the new journey of building China into a modern socialist country. On the road to realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, CASIC will forge ahead toward the space dream in respect of “exploring the vast universe, developing the aerospace industry and building an aerospace power.”

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