Smart Industry Headquarters of CASIC Run Listing


At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes is sweeping the world. Smart industry characterized by digitization, networking, intellectualization and cloudization has brought about profound changes in economic and social development and production and life style. The 19th National Party Congress put forward the goal of building a smart society, which will have a profound impact on the concept of country governance, government social management and public services, business operations and public life. With the implementation of various policies and measures to promote the development of smart industry, the smart industry has maintained a high-speed growth trend and has become a key driving force for transforming the mode of economic development and social development.

On April 27, the Smart Industry Headquarters of CASIC held an unveiling ceremony in Beijing and officially launched its operation. At the same time, the inaugural meeting of the Smart Industry Alliance was held. More than 70 representatives, including the officers of the industrial development department of CASIC, related officers and experts from China Aerospace System Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Second Academy, Third Academy, Sixth Academy and Tenth Academy of CASIC and Aerospace Information and officers of the Smart Industry Alliance, attended this meeting and jointly witnessed the smart industry of CASIC to open a new journey.

The Party Committee of CASIC thoroughly implemented the spirit of the 19th National Party Congress and served the fundamental requirement of national strategy, national defense construction, and national economy and the people's livelihood. CASIC also proposed the strategic goal of becoming the vanguard of building a intelligence nation, and listed the smart industry as one of the four major supporting industrial sectors of CASIC. The smart industry put forward by CASIC uses knowledge, innovation and data as the core production factors and intelligent technologies, products and solutions as the carrier to aggregate all resources of the society and form a brand-new industry through the full-scale integration with traditional industries. Application of ecology, to the government, industry and business operations management, public life, smart applications in smart cities, transportation, agriculture, forestry, tourism, environmental protection, security, pipe network, food and drug supervision and other fields.

The Smart Industry Headquarters which is established with the help of China Aerospace System Engineering Co., Ltd. is another major step of CASIC in the field of smart industry. As the main unit of smart industry development, the Smart Industry Headquarters will carry forward the fine traditions of aerospace systems engineering, enhance the overall capacity for the development of smart industry, closely follow the strategic opportunities for intelligence economic development, bring together the advantages of internal and external resources of the aerospace industry and plan for the top layers of smart industry. CASIC will construct a smart industrial system, develop and industrialize core basic products, start demonstration projects for smart industry, work hard to promote the formation of intelligence industry models and industry focus, create new standards and new models, boost the development of smart industry and serve the construction of intelligence societies.

During establishing the smart industry headquarters, following the principles of construction and development, CASIC actively developed the general platform for the smart industry, captured the common basic technologies for the smart industry, carried out demonstrations of major special projects for the smart industry and promote smart industry in transportation, water conservancy and other industries. CASIC also explored local support institutions for landing intelligence industries in Chongqing, Wuxi and other regions. CASIC held large-scale events like the first smart industry summit forum and intelligence enterprise summit forum to establish and deepen the promotion of CASIC Intelligence.

The Smart Industry Headquarters is established following the principle of openness and win-win. CASIC will make better use of the leading role as a large central enterprise and actively promote the integration of resources and coordinate innovation to build a smart industrial ecosystem, and make the smart industry headquarter into a socialized "general department". For this, China Aerospace System Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly united with the Second Academy, Third Academy, Sixth Academy and Tenth Academy of CASIC, Hunan Aerospace, Aerospace Information and other units to establish the Smart Industry Alliance and invited some of the partners to become the first member organizations. The establishment of the Smart Industry Alliance aims to attract the attention of the whole society to support and participation in the smart industry, allow more international and domestic strengths to integrate into the development of the smart industry and form an industrial ecosystem through comprehensive cooperation in technology, research, development and markets. To provide users with better products and services, and create a broader market space for the smart industry.

As the saying goes, “The aptitude is limited while the intelligence is unlimited”. The intelligence technology is limited, but the application of intelligence is infinite. The Smart Industry Headquarters of CASIC will rely on the Smart Industry Alliance and work with all sectors of society and uphold the concept of “information exchange, resource sharing, capacity coordination, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win” to jointly develop smart industry, and to build an intelligent country as well as contribute to space intelligence and strength.

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