Gao Hongwei:Take the road of industrial internet with Chinese characteristics


After more than 200 years of industrial revolution, mankind has experienced steam engine revolution, in which train and railway technologies are invented; internal-combustion engine revolution, in which automobile, road, ship and shipping technologies are invented; radio and electronic technology revolution, in which telegram, telephone, television and radar technologies are invented, and furthermore, the wide use of radio and electronic technology leads to the vacuum electron tube and electronic components technologies. The space competition in World War II and Cold War promotes the military technology revolution and space technology revolution, which then promote the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry revolution. The maturation of semiconductor and integrated circuit technologies leads to the large computer, personal computer and personal communication technology revolution, which naturally brings about the internet revolution and mobile internet revolution. At present, the internet revolution and mobile internet revolution are causing social revolutions in global consumption mode (including personal consumption and public consumption) and production mode (including manufacturing and non-manufacturing ones).

Various e-commerce platforms are the basis for the change of personal consumption mode, various public service platforms are the basis for the change of public consumption mode, various industrial internet platforms are the basis for the change of manufacturing production mode, and the platform for change of non-manufacturing production mode is the basis for the change of non-manufacturing production mode (For example, creation of various spiritual civilization products. The non-manufacturing production mode and platform are being produced). The maturation and wide use of these four kinds of platform technologies show that the industrial civilization era has gradually faded out of history, and the information civilization era has gradually opened up the curtain.

For historical reasons, China missed almost all technological revolutions since the industrial revolution. After the foundation of new China, our country has taken the last bus of industrial revolution, got on the express of internet revolution bravely, and sit in the first class of mobile internet revolution through its own effort. Each technological revolution is based on several former technological revolutions, and the current competitive advantages of the industrialized countries are based on the former technological revolutions. If the developing countries adopt the catch-up strategy for a long time, they will always follow the developed countries, and will not be able to take the initiative of development on their own hands. For example, if America and its allies lay the strictest embargo on China, a considerable number of our emerging industries will fade, which is because China does not go through a complete revolution of basic technology and core product in these industries, and cannot provide presentable products and technologies in the irreplaceable key areas.

Therefore, our road to a modern power is bound to be unusual, we must make scientific judgement according to our national conditions and the trend of the times, and take a road of development different from that of developed countries but reaching the same goal.

In the field of industrial internet, there are three optional roads. Road 1: On the basis of CPS, gradually extend upwards to intelligent production line, intelligent workshop and intelligent factory, and by establishing the intelligent manufacturing platform, go forward to achieve the goal of Industry 4.0 (this is called as the German model). Through the development in this model, a country “Rises from top to bottom”, finally realizes compatibility of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing forms. Road 2: Within the collaborative enterprises having realized intelligent manufacturing basically, on the basis of the offline work division and layout of global supporting and global collaborative manufacturing, build a global platform for collaborative manufacturing and collaborative after-sales services, keep on maintaining the leading position in the vertical work division system of global manufacturing industry (this is called as the American model). Through “Grasping the middle to lead the two ends”, this model finally realizes compatibility of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing forms. Road 3: Under the precondition that most enterprises do not have the intelligent manufacturing capabilities and do not complete the information transformation of their operation processes, and are impossible to complete the intelligent transformation and enterprise process information transformation in a short time, if China’s industrial internet copies the German or American model, it will surely be off the point.

CASICloud has determined the following development path from the beginning of its establishment: Establish the industrial cloud platform, and starting from building the cloud manufacturing industry cluster ecosystem, first take the resources allocation and business process optimization of the markets scattered in every corner of the country as the central work, then progress gradually from “save money” to “get money” and to “make money”, and with the transformation of China's industrial enterprises and following the path of “deepen gradually from top to bottom”, finally achieve the reverse development from cloud manufacturing to collaborative manufacturing and then to intelligent manufacturing, accomplishing the same goal in a different path from the German and American models. In the almost 3 years since its going online as the first batch of industrial internet platforms in the world, CASICloud has always adhered to this development concept, and got a good result, preliminarily verifying that the development path of industrial internet with Chinese characteristics, “deepen gradually from top to bottom”, is scientific and reasonable.

Integrating INDICS (Industrial Internet Cloud Space) with CMSS (Cloud Manufacturing Support System), the CASICloud is aimed to establish and nourish a cloud manufacturing industry cluster ecosystem based on the industrial internet, accept the modern manufacturing forms of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing, and by use of the big data and artificial intelligence technologies and a third party’s commercial and financial resources, serve for the technology innovation, business model innovation and management innovation of the manufacturing industry. Its internal commercial driver is “3M” (to save money, to get money, to make money). Its internal commercial logic is to promote the interaction among technology innovation,business model innovation and management innovation of the enterprise, and further promote the enterprise transformation and industrial upgrading. CMSS comprises the service and support system for the whole process of industrial products marketing and purchase, service and support system for the whole process of manufacturing capability and productive service outsourcing and outsourcer assisting, support system for the whole process of inter-enterprise collaborative manufacturing, and support system for the whole process of project and enterprise-level intelligent manufacturing, and it uses the interface of “one brain, one cab, two rooms” (enterprise brain, enterprise driver’s cab, cloud business work room, cloud application work room) to provide services for the user. The enterprise brain offers support and service to the scientific decision-making level, the enterprise driver’s cab provides service for the management of the enterprise, the cloud business work room offers support to the cluster business and peripheral business of production, supply and marketing, and the cloud application work room provides support for the customization, design, research & development, test and after-sales technical services.

Currently nearly 1.65 million enterprises have registered on the CASICloud, they have issued over 130 thousand pieces of cooperation and purchase demands, amounted to about 400 billion Yuan; nearly 76000 cooperation and purchase transactions are concluded on the cloud, totaled 192 billion Yuan, in which over 50% of the transactions are less than 22.5 thousand Yuan, and 80% of the transactions are less than 1 million Yuan; nearly 800 thousand sets of equipment are linked to the cloud platform, with approximately 200 thousand sets on line. The APPs on CASICloud take CMSS as the carrier and support intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing. Facing the whole industrial chain of manufacturing, they provide APP support for all production factors, whole production process and full life cycle, and provide various industrial services and solutions. At present there are 1526 APPs on CASICloud.

According to the data of sample enterprises, the 1.6 million registered users have a total operation scale of 10 thousand billion Yuan and average operation scale of 6.25 million Yuan. Over 85% of the users registered on the CASICloud are small-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises (35%+50%). Up to now, over 10 thousand enterprises have gained successful cooperation on the cloud, with each enterprise concluding 7 transactions on average. Suppose each typical transaction is 22.5 thousand Yuan, this means, if a small-sized enterprise can annually conclude 360 cooperation transactions or above on the cloud (1 or more transactions for each day on average), it can develop continuously. In addition, if enterprises increase their business volume through cooperation on the cloud, improving the equipment operating rate from 50% to 85%, they will, without an investment increase, be able to achieve an income increase of 30%.

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