2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of CASIC Officially Released


Recently, CASIC released the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. This is the tenth social responsibility report since 2008. Based on the responsibilities and missions of CASIC given by the Party and the government, the report focuses on the trust and attention given to CASIC by all sectors of the society, presents the practice of fulfilling the eight social responsibilities in details, namely safeguarding national security, facilitating economic growth, promoting innovation-driven development, launching strategic cooperation, ensuring employee growth, keeping good faith and behaving in a law-abiding manner, protecting the low carbon environment, and contributing to public welfare, comprehensively summarizes the conditions of performance of the social responsibilities by CASIC in 2017 and profoundly explains the social responsibility values of “your security is our responsibility”.

In 2017, CASIC implemented the tasks of the “liability statement of the inferior/the superior”, promoted “guaranteeing success, ensuring growth and improving quality and efficiency”, and kicked off the second phase of the transformation & upgrading and the second pioneering work at all respects. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, we thoroughly implemented Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress. In addition, all officers and employees of CASIC made every effort to implement the corporate mission of “empowering the army with science and technology and serving the nation with aerospace technology”, adhered to the core social responsibility philosophy of “secure peace with aerospace technology” and deepened the social responsibility values of “your security is our responsibility”. While making great efforts to basically solve the problems left over by history, CASIC has achieved steady progress in its operations, and has taken a solid step towards the goal of initial establishment of a world-leading aerospace and defense company.

Confronted with intricate macroeconomic situations and arduous tasks of transformation and upgrading, CASIC strove with endless energy and forged ahead to create a high-quality development situation. In 2017, CASIC achieved steady progress. The development of the leading industry enjoyed good momentum, the development of the emerging industry was vigorously broadened, and fruitful achievements were made in many areas. CASIC achieved steady growth, and the reforms and adjustments with “three breakthroughs” as the main axis were progressed in depth. CASIC achieved steady improvement, remarkable results were achieved in the construction of the “three platforms” and the operation quality and the ability to resist risks of CASIC were further improved. Serving as one of the main forces of China in aerospace industry and the backbone safeguarding national security, social security and people’s safety, CASIC faithfully discharged social responsibilities incumbent on a central enterprise. It actively implemented the strategic requirements for national security, continuously supported social stability and security, constantly satisfied people’s need for public safety and made tremendous contributions to safeguarding the national core interests and securing the steady growth of national economy.

This report collated, summarized and analyzed the implementation of CASIC's corporate social responsibilities in 2017. In addition, it also systematically compared and analyzed the social responsibility index system so that the integrity, balance, comparability and readability of the report were further enhanced on the whole. It aimed to thoroughly demonstrate the new trend of making steady progress of CASIC with the guidance of the development strategy in the new era through a full-dimensional perspective, systematic context, abundant examples and accurate data.

This report was composed of a number of special reports to thoroughly present topics such as "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", party building in an enterprise, smart industry, targeted poverty alleviation and commercial aerospace. The report systematically and comprehensively presented the highlights and key work of implementation of CASIC's corporate social responsibilities over the past year.

Based on the existing content of the public welfare responsibility, this report enriched and extended the methods and results of the targeted poverty alleviation. CASIC thoroughly implemented the spirit of the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, implemented the national strategy of the targeted poverty alleviation, made full use of the political advantages, organizational advantages, and scientific and technological advantages, focused on assisting in science and technology, industry, education and medical care, continuously improved the industrialization level and the quality of life of farmers in the two targeted poverty alleviation counties, i.e., Dongchuan District and Fuyuan County, and enhanced the development potential of targeted poverty alleviation counties.

Looking forward to 2018, CASIC will adhere to Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a guide, continue to strengthen the party building, regard the serving for national strategy, national defense, and national economy as the starting point and the focus, win the “three tough battles” in respect of quality improvement, structural adjustment and transformation in development mode, fulfill the “Chinese Dream”, the “Strong Military Dream” and the “Space Dream” together with peers from all walks of life who are concerned about and support China’s space industry and start a new journey in developing a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.

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