CASIC Holds Training Seminar for Overseas Employees


On September 21, CASIC held the Training Seminar for Overseas Employees. Wei Yiyin, a Vice President and a member of Party Committee of CASIC, the officers in charge of headquarters and subsidiary companies and the trainees from overseas employees training class attended the seminar.

At the seminar, the trainees put forward suggestions and advices on promoting the overall development of CASIC, expanding the global market, implementing the development of relevant strategies in CASIC and taking “three innovations” as the focus.

Wei communicated with the trainees in CASIC development vision, corporate culture, industrial layout and international business layout. 1. We shall stick to respect and communication in enhancing the value identity. Overseas enterprises and staff shall have a better knowledge of CASIC development vision and relevant strategies, actively integrate in the practical action of building “a globally competitive world-class enterprise” in making due contributions to the realization of same objective. 2. We shall stick to active integration and strengthen mutual learning. Overseas enterprises shall advocate the enterprise culture of “perseverance, innovation, considering the overall situation, collaboration, hardworking and contribution competition” by implementing the guidelines of “trust, support, integration and development”, and shall also make positive contributions to enriching the corporate culture of CASIC. 3. We shall strengthen technical innovation and market collaboration for the future development. Domestic and foreign enterprises should seek development opportunities in the fields of new generation aerospace and launch technology applications, a new generation of communication technologies and applications, industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, basic technologies and cutting-edge technologies by enhancing innovation and coordination. 4. We shall continue to reinforce global reach and further enhance regional capacities. We shall focus on industrial distribution, business mode, product strategy, keep improving the international competitiveness and brand influence of CASIC.

The overseas employees training lasted 5 days to mainly discuss the development strategy of CASIC, the overall layout of civil industry, the development of key industries, the development of international business, the construction of industrial Internet platform and intelligent manufacturing. The trainees also went to the site to visit Aisino Corporation and went to CASIC Sanjiang Group to visit the KZ series carrier rocket and the Wanshan flatbed during the training.

(Reported by Guo Qian; Photographed by Wang Sai)

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