INDICS+CMSS System of CASICloud Technology Development of CASIC Won the Gold Award in the 20th CIIF


From September 19 to September 23, the 20th China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as “CIIF”) was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. On the morning of September 19, the CIIF Exhibit Awards Ceremony was held during the period, and the “INDICS+CMSS Cloud Manufacturing Support System” created by CASICloud won the Gold Award. This marks another laurel of CASICloud platform after winning the title of Innovation Gold Award at the 17th CIIF in 2015. At the award ceremony, Xu Shan, a Vice President of CASICloud received an award as the representative of enterprises, and witnessed this honor with the on-site officers and guests.

CIIF serves as one of the most influential international industrial brand exhibitions in China and it is also approved as the only exhibition in the China's four major exhibitions by the State Council with qualification for the awards appraisal. After years, CIIF awards evaluation was strictly followed the provisions of Regulation on the CIIF Awards Appraisal Work through rounds of selection by a series of standard procedures of exhibitors’ voluntary application, assessment by experts, final appraisal by the Steering Committee of CIIF Awards Appraisal Work and final approval by the CIIF Organizing Committee. Thus, the awards appraisal is authoritative to enjoy widespread praise in the industry.

CIIF awards appraisal includes two categories: Product Award and Innovation Award. Product Award consists of Gold Award, Silver Award and Gold Industrial Design Award. Innovation Award comprises Gold Innovation Award and Silver Innovation Award. The enterprise awarded the Gold Award shall have made major breakthroughs in the core technology, key technologies and high-end product R&D and industrialization of high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing, and it shall also be an enterprise with international leading or domestically pioneering level or technologies or products leading the development of domestic and foreign industries.

CASICloud won the Gold Award, which is the praise and encouragement to CASICloud and INDICS+CMSS Cloud Manufacturing Support System by the review group. The match of INDICS+CMSS aims to establish and maintain the ecosystem of cloud manufacturing industry clusters based on the industrial Internet. It serves compatibility of intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing and cloud manufacturing, and provides various levels of security protection support for industrial APP.

The architecture of INDICS+CMSS Cloud Manufacturing Support System perfectly demonstrates the mutual promotion and two-way iteration mode between the operating system and software application (PaaS+SaaS): considering the characteristics of Internet application and requirements of industrial application, INDICS provides not only innovative functions including Big Data processing, industrial data analysis and industrial micro services, expandable open operating system but also micro service components and development tools for industrial applications to help developers quickly build customized industrial Apps; moreover, a new series of industrial sectors and value will be created in the development, deployment and operation and etc. of industrial Apps based on CMSS. CMSS provides services for users through this interface, which includes the enterprise brain, enterprise driver’s cab, cloud business work room, cloud application work room, service station for small-sized enterprises and micro-enterprises, and service station for enterprises deploying business on the cloud, realizing the explosive growth of application innovation based on the accumulation and re-application of knowledge in industry.

INDICS+CMSS Cloud Manufacturing Support System has realized the social integration and sharing, optimization configuration and business collaboration for industrial services, industrial equipment and industrial products. Nearly 900,000 devices have been connected to the CASICloud platform. There are nearly 1,600 CASICloud APPs in total. In addition, over 20 practical application cases of flexible production collaborative manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing transformation based on INDICS+CMSS have been formed, generally increasing production efficiency by 25%-60%, reducing the R&D design cycle by 30%-45%, the cost by 10%-30% and the labor by 30%-60%.

It upholds the concept of “information exchange, resource sharing, capacity coordination, open cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win”. CASICloud will cooperate with partners in the industry and users to open up new channels in industrial Internet in offering products and solutions with high added-value to users.

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