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Industrial Internet Industry


Guided by the supply-side structural reform and the integrated development of the Internet and manufacturing industry, CASIC built INDICS,China's first national cross-industry and cross-field industrial Internet public service platform with cloud manufacturing as its feature, forming an industrial Internet platform system, serving the government’s digital governance and enabling enterprises to make digital transformation. For four consecutive years, it has been selected as the national double-cross-platform, approved the first military industry cloud platform of the SASAC, undertaken more than 40 industrial Internet innovation and development projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and a number of national major projects. At the same time,CASICloud,a subsidiary of CASIC,has undertaken the construction of secondary nodes for the identification and analysis

of aerospace,energy,petrochemical,household appliances,and electronic industries, and has been selected as the first batch of training demonstration bases of the"Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Alliance" of the Ministry of Science and Technology.An industrial Internet business system covering the"four clouds" of regional cloud, industrial cloud, park cloud and enterprise cloud has been formed,and its social influence has been continuously improved.