China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum
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China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum


Focusing on the commercial aerospace sector, China Commercial Aerospace Forum is dedicated to bring together the brains of the leaders and executives concerned, to discuss the supportive policies for and the future development mode of China's commercial aerospace industry, to share the technologies, business modes and management concepts and other aspects in this industry, to promote more extensive project cooperation and technology exchange among enterprises, so as to have a sustained, healthy and rapid development of the industry and build a new ecosystem of commercial aerospace industry.

China Commercial Aerospace Forum will provide intelligence supports for government and military management departments, shared resources for enterprises' innovation practice, demonstration of commercial aerospace programs, forward thinkings for scientific research institutes and universities and commercial opportunities for financial investment.

May China Commercial Aerospace Forum be a reliable brainpower and partner to all concerned in the commercial aerospace sector and help you on the way of development.  

China Commercial Aerospace Forum sincerely welcomes all sectors of society to participate!

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