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CASIC INDICS and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibits in Hannover Fair

In the Hannover Fair held on April 23, the INDICS and smart manufacturing exhibition at China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited (hereinafter as CASIC)’s exhibition area attracted the high attention of international peers. During the fair, Wei Yiyin, a vice President of CASIC, met Professor Anderl, the chief expert of Germany Industry 4.0 and vice president of TU Darmstadt. Wei and Professor Anderl looked back on the cooperation and witnessed the joint research projects approved by the both governments of China and German between CASIC and TU Darmstadt. After that, they attended the site promotion of CASICloud and INDICS.

Under the new round of global industrial revolution, CASIC takes the lead in China and established INDICS, and makes it the carrier for the development of the manufacturing ecosystem in the information age. Through the public platform construction of “information exchange, resource sharing, capability coordination, openness, cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation” and by promoting the intelligent, collaborative and Cloud manufacturing capability of the cloud-based enterprises, CASIC is to reach the objective of "a highly organized enterprise with endless capability” to meet the transformation and upgrading requirements for manufacturing within the era of information economy.

In 2017, CASIC released INDICS as the first industrial Internet cloud platform in the world and China. As a universal Cloud platform in the field of industry, and with INDICS+CMSS as its core, INDICS is able to connect devices and products downward and support applications upward, to realize Cloud-based interconnection and comprehensive integration of products, machines, data and services. By showing the structure and application ecology of INDICS platform, this exhibition presented the role of the platform in helping enterprises realize resource sharing and capacity coordination, comprehensively demonstrated the internal and external CASIC partners’ superior resources in IoT sensing, controlling, management level connection, as well as its capacities of providing comprehensive data-driven IIoT solutions covering multiple industry ecology.

INDICS has obvious characteristics and advantages in the whole industry chain’s service supporting and the autonomous controllable information security. Based on its own professional and complete equipment manufacturing system and leading advantages in information technology, INDICS is forging a series of industrial application services for the entire manufacturing industry chain covering intelligent business, R&D, production and services and to establish a security guarantee and protection system for users through its own domestic leading autonomous controllable technology.

As an industrial Internet platform of the cloud manufacturing ecosystem, INDICS brings together the cutting-edge technologies and service resources within industrial ecology - from data analysis, integration, and edge computing in edge processing layer to the flexible and open industrial PAAS products of high-performance (such as artificial intelligence, data management engine and development tools), as well as users from vertical industry sector, supply chain and services supported by other platform - gathering the Internet enterprises, industrial enterprises, ICT enterprises and the 3rd party developer in Cloud and propelling the accumulation and sharing of resources and knowledge.

Guizhou Industrial Cloud presented in this exhibition is the manufacturing ecosystem constructed by Guizhou CASICloud-tech Co., Ltd. under CASIC to adapt to the Internet economy business format and the new-type industrial system. Guizhou Industrial Cloud aims to provide Cloud services covering the whole process and all factors of industrial manufacturing, and plays as one of the seven major Cloud platforms in promoting the integrated local development of informatization and industrialization. The intelligent workshop project of Guizhou Aerospace Linquan Motor Co., Ltd. built based on Guizhou Industrial Cloud, adopts 3D virtual reality,IoT and controlling technologies over the virtual simulation of the workshop, devices and production process, bringing a practical workshop scene, production process and remote controlling conditions to enterprises to help them improve production efficiency, product quality and reduce labor cost.

Sunlord Electronics, as a well-known chip component production and manufacturing enterprise, established an operation and dispatching center in Guizhou Industrial Cloud for industrial data analysis. The implementation of the center brings the monitoring, operation and dispatching of the whole business process including designing, development, purchasing, production, quality, sales and logistics into real, which has improved the production and operation efficiency by 30% , product quality acceptance rate by 40% and reduced more than 10 manuals and 2 million annual production cost.

The on-site intelligent demonstration unit exhibits the whole flexible order-driven off-line production process on INDICS platform from customer’s on-line order placing, in-Cloud production scheduling, intelligent production to products delivering. To operate on this platform after login to the INDICS, the users need to enter their customized information to place an order. The Cloud resource collaborative system CRP manages and schedules the order, then issues the order to the automatic production line. After receiving the order, the production line would sort the items automatically and conduct visual positioning by laser marker. Finally, a customized printing task will be finished. During this process, the INDICS platform would broadcast the production capacity of the line and the real-time operating status of the device through the real-time simulation system to realize the production line monitoring and key equipment faults alarming.

In 2017, CASIC and Siemens signed a strategic cooperation agreement within in the field of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing to forge together a future-oriented industrial ecosystem. CASIC is willing to join hands with global enterprises to carry out strategic cooperation in respect of multiple platforms and levels in a wide range of areas to explore new models for achieving complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, creating greater values for global customers and making contributions to global economic development.

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